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12 Signs You Are from Happy Valley, PA

Living in the middle of Pennsylvania might not seem like the ideal dream for most people, but Happy Valley, PA is filled with qualities that make its residents, well, happy! If you’re from any town inside of the happiest valley, then you’ll definitely relate to at least five of these things.

1. Buckeye is a trigger word

The rivalry is real and kickin. You cringe when you see that scarlet “O”. And on those fall game nights, the entire town whited out, you feel one with everyone else with the same mindset: beat the buckeyes.

2. Sheetz > Wawa

Wawa who? Oh, you want water? Okay then…

3. Your town is torn between the Steelers and the Eagles

We sit in the middle between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, so you get a complex from trying to decide who to root for. So you know you’re from central PA when half of your class are Steelers fans and the other half are Eagles fans.

4. You have way too many Penn State clothes (or not enough)

Being in close proximity to the giant that is Penn State, you have at least 5 pieces of merchandise, or if you’re like me, you have 500. The t-shirts at the Family Clothesline are hard to resist.

5. You are either going to Penn State or getting the heck out of there

95% of your class is staying in-state. But the question is Penn State or nah?

6. Hating football isn’t an option

The one thing that dominates your town is always football. There’s nothing like being with 110,000 of your fellow lions on a warm Saturday in October in Beaver Stadium. And if you aren’t a huge fan? You get weird looks.

7. Ice cream can only come from one place

Berkey Creamery. Enough said.

8. When someone asks where you are from, you have to say “near Penn State”

If you’re from Happy Valley, PA you definitely have had difficulty with people who don’t recognize your town’s name, so you’ve learned to just say that it is near PSU.

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9. Following behind tractors or buggies is just another day in the valley

There are farms left and right of you so you’re pretty immune to the smell of manure.

10. Construction is part of your daily vocabulary

You know what I mean if you’re from here. Something always needs to be changed and it takes 5 years of course.

11. Saquon Barkley is a god

Again, enough said.

12. You know you wouldn’t want to be from anywhere else

Even though you might want to get out of your small town, there’s nothing that could take the place of growing up in Happy Valley, PA.

What do you think of these signs you are from Happy Valley, PA? Let us know in the comments below!
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