12 Signs You Are from Fort Collins, CO

As towns grow in population they tend to change, but so things stay the same. Here’s 12 signs you are from Fort Collins, CO. that I think many of us Coloradoans can relate to.

I’m lucky to have my roots in the mid-west, even though I’m currently in FL. I grew up in Fort Collins, CO. Home to Colorado State University (CSU) and Cam the Ram, Fort Collins has grown into a popular place over the past few decades. It has become a city over a town, but that hasn’t changed the atmosphere of the place I still love to call home. Here’s 12 signs you are from Fort Collins, CO. that I think many of us Coloradoans can relate to.

You refer to Fort Collins as FOCO.

If you were born and raised in Fort Collins, you most likely refer to it as FOCO, making those who are from out of state give you weird looks.

You’ve waited in line to eat at the Silver Grill, regardless of the weather.

The Silver Grill is probably the most well-known restaurant in Fort Collins. If you were born and raised here, then you’ve stood outside of the Silver Grill more than a couple of times for that gigantic cinnamon roll; regardless of the freezing temperatures outside.


You know what the big “A” on the mountainside stands for.

If you’re from Fort Collins, you’re sure to know that the “A” on the mountain stands for the Aggies. Before CSU was known as Colorado State University, it was called Colorado Agricultural and Mechanical College (Colorado A&M) and the sports teams there were called the Aggies. Hence, the big “A” on the mountainside by the old stadium.

You go to New West Fest every year.

New West Fest is the go-to festival of the year in Fort Collins, and you know this if you were born here. With free music and local vendors, New West Fest is definitely the place to go with friends to have a good time.

You know the story of the hidden town in Horsetooth Reservoir.

If you’re from Fort Collins, then you absolutely know the history behind Horsetooth being built over a town, Stout, CO. The town was left abandoned in 1949 to make way for the reservoir. The town itself was used as part of the Union Pacific Railroad to transport goods from one town to another. If you go to the southern end of the reservoir, you can still see parts of the old buildings left from the town.


You know you can’t afford to live in Fort Collins.

The pricing on houses and apartments has skyrocketed over the past decade in Fort Collins. It costs roughly $1000-$1500 a month to rent a one-bedroom apartment since it’s becoming a city. You know that at these prices, you’re less likely to live in Fort Collins once you graduate college as it’s becoming a city.

You love Cam the Ram and own at least one piece of CSU apparel.

Don’t lie, since you’re from Fort Collins you have a natural love for CSU’s mascot, Cam the Ram, and own at least one piece of CSU apparel for game day. You can’t not live in Fort Collins and not own something CSU worthy, it’s natural instinct!

You’ve gone to see fireworks at City Park Lake at least once on the Fourth of July.

It’s a tradition to go and see the fireworks at City Park Lake on the Fourth of July. Even though it’s packed, you’ve gone at least once to have the experience and crowded or not, it was worth it.

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You wish they kept the old stadium instead of building a new one.

After deciding to tear down the old Aggie stadium to build a new one on CSU’s campus, you wish they’d kept the old stadium as it was tradition to go and see CSU play a game there.

You love Old Town even though it’s an overcrowded spot.

Old Town is one of those places in Fort Collins that you love to go to, regardless of not ever being able to find a parking spot. An area rich in history and things to do, Old Town is the spot to go for shopping, eating, having a drink or hanging out with friends.


You miss the old Foothills Mall.

If you’re from Fort Collins, you hate the fact that the old Foothills Mall was torn down for a newer one. The old Foothills was more fun. You probably went trick-or-treating through the old mall at least one Halloween as a kid.

You say you’ll leave but probably won’t.

You say you’re going to leave Colorado and Fort Collins… But lets be real you never will because it’s home and too beautiful of a place to leave.

What did you think of these 12 signs you are from Fort Collins, CO? Let us know in the comments below!
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