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15 Signs You Are From Emerson College

15 Signs You Are From Emerson College

Emerson College definitely has a rather.interesting student body. Here are 15 signs that you're probably from Emerson College!

With so many colleges in the Boston area, it may be hard to determine which college someone may be from. Here are some classic signs that you go to Emerson College.

Your interests define you

Did you watch a Quentin Tarantino movie in high school which caused you to change your whole personality and aesthetic? Chances are you to go to Emerson! Although you are creative, you find yourself copying an aesthetic you saw in your favorite film.

15 Signs You Are From Emerson College


You’re either from Massachusetts, California, or the middle of nowhere

I’m not really sure why, but most Emerson students come from these three places. On your first day of classes, be prepared to hear: “Hi, I’m Rebecca and I’m from Massachusetts,” or “Hey I’m Kyle and I’m from LA.” If you do happen to find a student from somewhere else, it’s most likely it’s from somewhere you’d least expect. Like Alabama. Or Puerto Rico.

You are either unaware of the world around you, or you think you know everything

With the many journalism students at Emerson College, it’s common to have some students who just think they know everything about news and politics. But on the other hand, there are the many ignorant students who consider themselves liberal but really have no basis for their political views.

You think you look really cool

Whether it’s platform shoes with cuffed pants, or a straight-outta-the-90s long sleeve under a tank top… chances are, you know when you see an Emerson College student on the street. Their wardrobe consists of various inspired pieces from their favorite niche films, or a certain era, but none of it is mainstream. On the rare occasion you see an Emerson student wearing yoga pants and uggs, just know that they are so overwhelmed from their extracurriculars that they are probably having a breakdown.


 15 Signs You Are From Emerson College

You are really invested into the aesthetic of your Instagram account

As creative individuals, it’s hard not to express ourselves through social media. Especially Instagram, which is the most important platform. Whether it’s a picture of you and your friends in front of your suite’s bathroom mirror before a night out, or you “ironically” blowing smoke out of your mouth while holding a juul… you must believe it will be heavily filtered to fit whichever aesthetic you are going for.

15 Signs You Are From Emerson College


You didn’t know we had sports

When your suite mate told you they were on the basketball team you were shocked because you didn’t even know we had sports. I mean, most of your understanding of school sports came from High School Musical…

Your hair is fried from the amount of bleach you have applied

While walking down Boylston street, you will see an array of colored heads that are continually changing. I mean, that girl in your WR101 class has changed her hair color four times since the semester started.

You strongly relate to this photo

Being an Emerson student means holding your breath every time you exit your class in Walker unless you want to die from second-hand smoke.


15 Signs You Are From Emerson College

You could be described as a “musical theater kid” or “really loud and annoying”

The sound of silence is often taken for granted at Emerson College. When you see a pack of theater majors walking down the hallway in Paramount, be prepared to put those headphones in and the volume up, unless you enjoy being subjected to listening to a loud and over-excited conversation.

You’re not straight

No matter what you identify as, one thing that Emerson has going for it is that they are accepting of students who don’t identify as straight or cisgender.

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15 Signs You Are From Emerson College

You joined too many organizations to really be able to contribute to all of them

At the beginning of the year, you applied to so many organizations that you don’t even really know which ones you belong to. You attend so many meetings that you don’t even know what you contribute to any of them. Still, it takes up most of your free time.


You’re white but you’re “woke”

The majority of Emerson College students are white. and there’s no denying it. But most of these white students like to overlook the fact that most of their peers are also white. You still like to consider yourself “woke” though.

You wanted to go to NYU or some other liberal arts school that has an extensive list of celebrity alumni

When you didn’t get accepted into NYU, you were heartbroken. So you headed to the next best thing? I think? The two schools definitely have similarities, but the only problem is that people are way less impressed when you say you go to Emerson. Sorry.

15 Signs You Are From Emerson College


You come from an upper middle class family but you complain about being poor

To be able to afford Emerson, you have to come from a pretty wealthy family because we all know that it’s near impossible to get a decent amount of financial aid. You will still hear students complain about being “poor” on a daily basis though, right after they swiped their parents credit card.

You’re exhausted

Between the stress of wasting your money on this school and all the clubs you signed up for, you barely get any sleep. When you aren’t busy you are spending your time socializing with your friends or working. This is definitely a sign that you go to Emerson College.

Do you go to Emerson College? What are some other signs you go to Emerson College? Tell us in the comments!
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