12 Signs You Are From Clifton Springs New York

Ducks in the cross walk? Yeah you’re from Clifton Springs New York. Read on for more signs you’ll relate to if you grew up in Clifton Springs New York.

1. When anybody ever asks where you’re from they’ve never heard of it.

Instead of actually naming the town, it’s just easier to say, “it’s between Rochester and Syracuse”. Sometimes the easiest way to explain where this tiny rinky-dink town is either by saying the Finger Lakes Region, or “You know all the lakes in the middle of the state? Yea I live there”. Chances are they still have no idea this town exists.

2. There are three times a year that “traffic” is a problem.

The three festivals. First, The Sulfur Springs festival, then, The Spooktacular in October, and lastly, The Festival of Lights. But as you may know these “festivals” are a few vendors spanning the length of Main Street and the businesses in town are actually open for once. Your idea of traffic is the fact that there are actually people in town.

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3. You don’t notice the Sulfur Smell anymore.

Upon visiting for the first time everyone says, “What’s that terrible smell?” and you reply “smell?” Yes, it’s true other people aren’t used to smelling rotten eggs all the time and notice it right away. But living in town you don’t even notice it anymore.

4. Being late to school because you were stuck behind a tractor is a legitimate excuse.

You know the joys of pulling out on the road just to see a giant mud covered red tractor going 5 mph when you have exactly 3 minutes to get to school before you’re late. When you live in a town that there may be more cows than people this is a common and annoying occurrence, but its normal.

5. Ducks walking in the crosswalk is normal.

Apparently, this is weird… Who knew? You know breaking for ducks in the crosswalks is no different than if a person were attempting to cross main street, it’s just how it is. I guess that happens when downtown is pretty much ruled by duck ponds.

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6. You know where the officers always sit in town.

In such a small town the cops don’t have anything better to do than wait for someone to be going slightly over 30 mph…Right? Whether they are inside the car wash, behind Tops, or in front of the fire house, it’s now a habit to look every time you drive by.

7. You know almost everyone in town on a first and last name basis.

You might live next door to your math teacher, your boss, one of your friend’s family members, and you know them all. You probably know the staff in all the town businesses and they know you. After all, they’ve most likely worked there your entire life.

8. You have to pick which surrounding town you want to go to, in order to do something fun.

After all, the main attraction in town is the hospital…

9. The best place to sled in town is conveniently placed right by the hospital.

“Hospital Hill” was your go to snow day activity hub. Sled at your own risk is always worth it, I mean you can’t get much closer to the hospital, so why not?

10. Anywhere that has more than two lanes of traffic feels like a city.

Living in a town where big rigs almost don’t fit down main street multiple lanes of traffic is too much. Syracuse basically feels like NYC.

11. If an ambulance or fire truck goes down your road you run outside to see if you can see where it went.

Not much happens in this small town but when something does everyone knows about it in a matter of minutes. Things travel fast when everyone knows each other.

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12. Secrets don’t exist.

There are only a little over 100 kids in a graduating class in Clifton Springs New York, whether you want people to or not, it’s inevitable that they know pretty much everything about you and your whole extended family.

What do you think of these signs you are from Clifton Springs New York? Let us know in the comments below!
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