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12 Signs You Are from Blacksburg, VA

12 Signs You Are from Blacksburg, VA

12 Signs You Are from Blacksburg, VA

Growing up In Blacksburg Virginia is not like growing up in any other city! Here are 12 definite signs you are from Blacksburg, VA!

You are a Virginia Tech Hokie fan!

Virginia Polytechnic and State University is a huge presence in Blacksburg, and the Hokie Bird is its mascot. Colors are Maroon and Burnt Orange. Everyone’s a fan when it comes to football and everyone loves the Hokie Bird!

You drive a Subaru with lots of bumper stickers.

Subaru’s with numerous bumper stickers give away the laid-by cool aura of this very friendly college town.

You hike the Cascades, Pandapas Pond, the Huckleberry Trail, or the Appalachian Trail.

The natural beauty of the mountains of Southwest Virginia is literally minutes from the center of town. Hike, bike, jog or walk along the numerous trails, difficult or easy.

You take in lots of live music because we are on The Crooked Road.

Monday night is the Cellar restaurant Blues Jam. Rising Silo Brewery on Glade Road features awesome performers.

12 Signs You Are from Blacksburg, VA


You have an organic raised bed garden.

Gardening is big, and organic raised bed gardening is even bigger. So Blacksburgers are known for their fancy gardens, each summer the Montgomery Floyd Regional Library sponsors a garden tour. The Hahn Horticulture Garden on the Tech campus is gorgeous!

You sit on the rockers on the porch of the Alexander Black House.

Alexander Black was a descendant of William Preston Black the founder of Blacksburg. Alexander built the beautiful house in 1898. And it’s open to the public as a museum and cultural center. You might see the sculpture of Alexander drinking his favorite, a mint julep!

12 Signs You Are from Blacksburg, VA

You go to the movie at The Lyric.

The Lyric was originally constructed in 1929 in the Art Deco and Spanish Colonial Revival Style. It is wonderful place to see films, hear lectures or live concerts!

You go to Steppin’ Out in the summer!

This is a not-to-miss awesome street festival August 3 and 4th with tons of great live music and fantastic vendors!

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You buy your doughnuts at Carol Lee’s.

Carol Lee’s donuts are a not to miss destination on Saturday or any other morning. The Hokie donuts are amazing!

You eat lots of natural food, shop at Eat’s, Annie K’s, and Oasis.

Healthy choices for foods from all over the world abound in Blacksburg.

You buy your wine and beer at the Vintage Cellar.

It is a great place to taste new beers and wines on Saturday morning, or any day!

You have Saturday brunch at Our Daily Bread.

Saturday Brunch at this excellent French bakery with a Virginia twist is out of this world. Soft jazz ensembles accompany the delicious start to the weekend.

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