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20 Signs You’re From Bethlehem New York

20 Signs You’re From Bethlehem New York

Bethlehem New York is one of a kind. Here are 20 signs that prove you're from Bethlehem New York. Click here to see what they are!

Bethlehem is the birthplace of Jesus Christ but more importantly it’s the name of a little town outside of Albany, New York. Not only is its high school ranked number 1 in the Capital Region, it’s ranked 366 in the country. Sure, we don’t have mutant athletes like Shenandoah but here are 20 signs you’re from Bethlehem New York.

1. McCarroll’s Breakfast sandwiches.

The greatest breakfast sandwiches. Ever. Period.

2. The Town Park.

Where Frisbees are free.

3. Four corners.

Home to McCarroll’s Breakfast sandwiches, Swifty’s and I Love Books.

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Mexican pizza from Swity's #flexibledietingwins

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4. F Wing bathroom.

Legend has it that one in every five Bethlehem kid was conceived in this racy restroom.

5. Therapy dogs.

It’s a good day when the therapy dogs visit. The only downside is having to share the dogs.

6. Orange is the new black.

We have the best school colors.

7. The frustration when all the computers in the LMC are taken.

Seriously, I know always wait until the period before to print my english paper out but that doesn’t mean it’s okay for everyone else to do it.

8. Boy’s Bathroom Vandalism.

The amount of effort exuded in these endeavors is almost admirable.

9. Protecting/Abusing Freshmen.

The campaign to treat Freshmen better comes after years of throwing batteries, silly string, and Freshmen suck signs.

10. Realizing  that there’s a black board by the PE wing.

What, has that always been there?


11. Wearing a hat out of spite.

I only do it because you tell me not to.

12. Finding out we have an alma mater during graduation.

That doesn’t mean we learn the words.

13. Ball.

Prom is so junior year.

14. Ball House.

More important than Ball though is the drunken three-day weekend you spend in a rental house you trash with your friends.

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15. The Gong Show.

There’s a strange joy in watching teachers gong students off stage.

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These beautiful judges are ready for #TheGongShow!

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16. 366.

The 366th best high school in the nation.

17. Bethlehem House.

What is it? No one knows.

18. Dropping gates.

It’s a Delmar things.

19. Parking.

There’s one blemish on Bethlehem’s otherwise perfectly porcelain skin: the parking lot. This 2×2 space has been at the center of so much dispute and animosity. It’s tiny, there’s never enough parking, the traffic is abominable, and the parking passes are ridiculously expensive.

20. BC ‘till I die.

Is it just me or is this a very sinister motto?


Can you think of any other signs you’re from Bethlehem New York? Comment below!
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