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20 Signs You Are From A White Middle Class Family

From owning several monogrammed things to having redneck uncles, here are 20 signs you are from a white middle class family.

1. You grew up in a SMALL town.

2. A family get-together is just a backyard cookout.

3. You have that one redneck uncle.

4. Spaghetti was eaten quite frequently.

5. Along with tacos (most likely on Tuesdays).


6. Summers were spent at the beach or the lake.

7. You went to public school with the same kids for 13 years.

8. Your mom stayed at home while you were little.

9. You went to church every Sunday.

10. You know the 6 different meanings of “bless your heart”.

11. You’ve got at least one thing monogrammed.

12. Honeysuckles were the best thing in the summer time.

13. You own a pair of Birks, Clarks, Chacos or Converse.

14. You did not get an allowance.

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15. Your family has gone to many yard sales.


16. Your family has hosted many yard sales.

17. You have eaten quinoa and hummus while on one of your mother’s health kicks.

18. Someone in your family loves the “Life is Good” brand.

19. You have never really had to face many prejudices.

20. But you work hard for everything you have got!

What are some other signs you are from a white middle class family? Share in the comments below!
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