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20 Signs You Are An Elon University Student

20 Signs You Are An Elon University Student

Elon University students have the best time. Find out these 20 signs you are an Elon student. These are the funniest college student signs out there.

If you’re an Elon University student you will understand these 20 Elon University signs. Here’s 20 signs you go to Elon.

1. You can sleep through any train noise
2. Every time you step on a loose brick, you have a desire to steal it
3. You have a new found appreciation for fountains

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4. The thought of having to walk from Danieley to the communications building makes you want to cry
5. Any late night cravings somehow lead you to a cookout runImage result for cookout north carolina

6. You leave for your 8 am dressed for a blizzard and come out of it ready for the beach

Image result for how you dress for a blizzardImage result for shorts and tank top
7. You’ve seen more acapella concerts than football games

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8. You have been chased by the bio-bus on more than one occasion

9. You can’t walk into target without running into some from your floor, math class, and sorority
10. You have developed a strong fear of swans

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11. Thursday late-night mac and cheese & nuggets are like a godsend to you
12. You’ve gotten excited about a notification but its really just another Jon Dooley email
13. You’ve had a slight internal freak out when Leo Lambert smiled at you

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14. You have seen freshman boys sell their kidneys to get into a frat party

15. You don’t know if you go to the Oak House for the coffee or the beer

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16. You’ve studied abroad at least once. Probably twice.
17. You run into at least 8 people you know on your way to class
18. You know when someone says they’re from Boston they really mean “20 minutes outside”

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19. You’ve bought at least one thing from All That Jas and your not afraid to admit it

Image result for all that jas
20. You have used the word “y’all” and “wicked” in the same sentence

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