20 Signs You Are All Peopled Out

I don’t really like to think of myself as an introvert, but when I looked back at all the times I turned down certain events, I got this feeling of relief inside and realized it was time to face the truth. I actually like going out if I’m with my close friends so I don’t feel like I have to put on a front. Or when I know I’m gonna get good photo ops with my friends or if my crush is there, but if none of those things happen then I’m just like “What’s the point?” Here are 20 signs you are all peopled out.

1. You’re more comfortable in your bed or couch than out socializing with people you kind of know.

We go through very long days at school or work or both that by the time we are done with those things, our batteries die and need to be recharged. When you finally get home and see that couch or go to your bedroom, it’s like there’s this gravitational force that pulls you towards that bed or couch. If you try to get up, it suddenly becomes the hardest task  that you have faced all day.

2. Someone you know but don’t like will be at an event your friends invited you to and the idea had red flags surrounding it.

There may be that one person, that your friends like or one friend likes, but you see right through them for the mediocre (at best) character. Everything this person does, good or bad, gets on your nerves and it’s not out of jealousy. Just the thought of having to spend an evening with this person just makes you wanna crawl back into bed.

3. Hearing the same stories over and over again.

When you routinely see people so much throughout the week that they start to repeat the same things they tell you almost every time you talk to them. It’s basically repetitive small talk. Okay I have to get real here for a second, I HATE routines! I like, no screw like, NEED to live life as spontaneous as possible. Routines to me mean that I am doing something wrong. If I ever start to fall in a routine with repetitive conversation please make me sit down with you to have an intervention.

4. You and your pet understand each other more than anyone else you know.

Have some empathy here, people. You’re out all day while your pet is at home all like “I miss my human.”  You come home and they are so happy to see them regardless of whatever mistakes you have made. Spend some quality time with them when you are home because I guarantee you that they won’t judge you for anything.

5. The people that get you the most are already there with you.

Whether it’s your mom, dad, siblings or you ask your best friend, boyfriend/girlfriend to come over, you’ve got all the people that matter.

6. You would rather stay home and watch Netflix to decompress.

I thought this sign was a given, but if anything I hope I validated your thoughts, solely with this sign.

7. You’re hanging out with the wrong people.

This goes along with sign number two. If there is someone you don’t like and aren’t stuck being around, then you don’t need to spend anytime around them. This lesson took me my whole life so far to learn. You don’t have to feel bad for not liking them either, they’re an a**hole and it’s okay to admit that. You will probably feel less peopled out if the people you surround yourself with are people you care about and vice versa.


8. You wear headphones while going out.

Headphones create this force field around our bodies that nobody dares to invade. They protect us from the dangers of small talk at the grocery store with someone your mom is friends with.

9. Something bad has happened in your life and you just wanna be by yourself for a while.

Maybe you’re not in the best place after a breakup or job loss and just don’t feel like socializing while having this weight in the back of your mind or having other people know and offer you sympathy.

10. People back out of plans very often.

Almost every time you try to make plans with someone, but they always end up backing out due to some last minute reason and you’re just tired of it. You want something real rather than someone saying “Oh we should do ____ sometime”, but deep down you know those plans won’t happen.

11. You stop pretending to care about the things that people care about around you.

At first you would pretend to care about the topic of conversation, but now you have reached your breaking point. When you can no longer listen to people talk about whether the dress was blue and black or white and gold. It’s time to walk away.

12. You stop paying attention to the topic of conversation.

Now you’re just too busy thinking about what you would rather be doing instead of the conversation at hand. It can be about food, relationships, The Office. Basically whatever you’re thinking about are your priorities.

13. You got a lot going on.

Your life is so hectic right now that you need to put your personal life on the back burner. You may have just got promoted or have a big assignment going on right now and you just need to focus. And when you’re done with those things, all you can think of is sleeping.

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14. You need to decompress.

Maybe your professors or bosses are putting a lot of pressure on you and it’s just too much. You need to take a yoga class, meditate and just be around nature for a little bit to feel better.

15. You find yourself lashing out at people.

All of your stress seems to come out at those around you. They may be doing things to your disliking, but yelling at other won’t do any good for either party. It may help to take an anger management class or find an activity where you can take your anger out on like kickboxing.


16. You just started college and realize that there’s people everywhere.

It’s your first time living on your own in a new place where there’s always people everywhere you go. Classes, dining halls, dorms, bathrooms you name it, there’s just people everywhere. You may not be use to that if you had your own space at home. It takes getting use to, but college is a once in a lifetime experience and you’ll probably never be surrounded by this many people all day again.

17. You like to have alone time.

You need your time by yourself to do activities you enjoy like reading. You are okay with going to the movies by yourself if everyone else was busy or you all couldn’t find the same time to meet. Being alone also helps you recharge after a long amount of time with others.

18. When someone (boss, coworker, etc.) keeps asking you to do things for them.

This may be apart of your job description, but it can get tiring after a while. Just know that you may end up being promoted if you follow directions now. If a coworker keeps asking you to do things for them, you should tell them to do it themselves. Also if your boss is a jerk and asks you to do absurd tasks, this may not be the right place for you to work in.

19. You show up to an event late and leave early.

You have a necessary obligation to be somewhere, but you really don’t wanna go. Your goal of the night is to spend as little time with these people as possible without completely bailing on them. So you go somewhere, make a cameo appearance and leave.

20. You just don’t give a damn.

You couldn’t care less if people like you or not. You just do what is right for you, but with that comes judgment. In my opinion this is the best way to go through life because this is how you attract people that you won’t feel ‘peopled out’ by.

What are some other signs you are all peopled out? Share in the comments below!
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