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12 Signs You Are Absolutely From Los Angeles

12 Signs You Are Absolutely From Los Angeles

Growing up in California can be amazing, but growing up in Los Angeles is even better. Imagine the celebrity sightings, amazing food and year round warm weather. If you're from Los Angeles, you'll definitely understand these 12 things.

Living in California can be amazing, but living in Los Angeles is even better. Imagine the celebrity sightings, amazing food and year round warm weather. If you’re from Los Angeles, you’ll definitely understand these 12 things. If you’re from any city in California you’ll probably still relate to these 12 things.

You are not just “from Los Angeles.”

People from surrounding areas of Los Angeles always say that they are “from LA” but they actually live in cities that are not a part of LA County. Any native Angeleno would say the exact area they are from (Downtown, the Westside, etc.)

When the weather drops below 70 degrees, it’s automatically winter.

If you are from LA, you know that if it’s below 70 degrees, you will definitely see people in coats or even scarves. “Cold” to us isn’t actually cold.


You add at least 25 minutes to your destination time.

A place that is only 8 miles away from you is actually a 45 minute drive, maybe even longer. Forget about getting anywhere quickly after 3:30pm.


And you laugh when anyone not from LA complains about traffic.

You know when someone from anywhere else complains about traffic. They’ve probably never experienced the 405 Freeway at 8:00am on a Monday morning.

You can make 6 figures a year, but still live in a 500 square foot apartment.

Even if you’re not from Los Angeles you probably know real estate is expensive. It’s also probably worse than you think. You can pay $1,400 a month for a home in any other city, but that same amount only gets you a studio apartment.

You’ve been asked to listen to someone’s “mixtape” at least a few times.

Everyone knows that Los Angeles is trademarked “The City of Dreams,” so it’s no surprise when you meet someone who is trying to make it as a musician. They are always trying to self-promote and get anyone to listen to their music.


You have high standards when it comes to tacos.

Tacos and Mexican food are a staple for Angelenos. Everyone has their own special place to get “the best tacos you’ll ever have”.

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Anything below a 5.0 on the Richter Scale is nothing.

People from Los Angeles are pretty much used to the ground shaking a little from time to time. Everyone else freaks out, while we sometimes don’t even get out of bed for them.

One of every three people you know is vegan or gluten free.

Being vegan or gluten free has become one of LA’s “hottest trends”. Most times, people don’t even have a gluten allergy or dietary restrictions, they just want to be a part of the trend.


You always get asked if you’ve met a ton of celebrities.

You’ll probably end up inflating a story about how Chris Hemsworth took your bag off of the carousel for you at LAX that one time, but it was more like he was at carousel 1 and you were at carousel 4.

You probably don’t watch or follow basketball, but you’re a die hard Lakers fan.

The Lakers, like the Dodgers, are a part of the heart and soul of LA. You have to love them, even if the only player you know is the former Laker, Kobe Bryant.


Only we would write articles about how to tell if you’re from Los Angles.

People from Los Angeles will complain about so many things, but always talk about how they’re from LA. No matter how much we complain about traffic or overpopulation or high rent, we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Did you relate to these 12 signs you are from Los Angeles? Let us know in the comments below!
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