10 Signs You Are A SAEPi At JMU

There are so many sororities at JMU, sometimes it’s hard to decide which to rush. Each sorority has a distinct personality and dynamic, and it can get overwhelming at times. Hopefully, this list of signs you are in SAEPi at JMU will help you decide which sorority is right for you! (Us, obviously.)

1. No one knows your sorority.

There are so many sororities at JMU that sometimes it’s hard to make yours known. Being a small sorority, it’s infinitely more difficult to make that happen.

2. Your sisters are your best friends.

A benefit of being in a small sorority, everyone knows everyone. It’s just an added perk that all of us are super nice.

3. You are ever-present at AEPi events.

Time for a shoutout to our brother fraternity; AEPi- commonly known as Jew Frat. Not only do they host awesome events, but someone in Sigma will always know what theme their party is that week.

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4. You take 4 letters 4 life very seriously.

This sorority isn’t just a regular club- sisters are incredibly dedicated to the organization and its members.

5. You have a different rush week.

Our rush week is different than the rest of FSL! Make sure to keep this in mind when deciding which sorority to rush.

6. There’s always someone who is there for you.

Although we are small in numbers, our bond is strong. When you’re upset, there will always be someone who is free and can be there for you.

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7. Academics are important, but so is having fun.

We have won the ‘Outstanding Scholarship’ award from FSL for 5 years in a row, but we’re not all about academics, we also enjoy relaxing and having fun!

8. You’re not all Jewish??

Despite SAEPi being a Jewish sorority- a lot of us are Jew-ish, or not even Jewish at all! As long as you’re nice, you’re welcome.

9. There’s always something to do.

Just like someone is always free to comfort you, someone is always down to have fun!

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10. You have found your home.

“When you say yes, you’re not just putting letters on a sweatshirt, you’re putting them in your heart.” Sigma has become your home away from home. Your sisters are your family, and you have found your people.

Can you think of any other signs you’re in SAEPi at JMU? Let us know in the comments!
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