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10 Signs You Are A Fashion Minor

10 Signs You Are A Fashion Minor

10 Signs You Are A Fashion Minor

Receiving a degree in fashion is often something that is laughed at by a number of people. Whether it’s because they don’t believe that fashion students are able to make it in the harsh fashion industry or that they are simply taking the easy way out, fashion students seem to get quite the harsh treatment from their peers. 

Being a fashion minor, there are many characteristics that unite students who are also a part of a separate field on interest for their major. Fashion minors are an important force in the world of fashion, being that they learn not only about style, trends, and all things fashion, but they are well versed in another field that they are able to apply this fashion minor to.

Here are some signs that you’re a fashion minor:

1. You are used to being told that your minor is pointless.

“Yes skeptics, I’m minoring in fashion.” Unfortunately for fashion minors, having to explain your decision has become second nature to you.

10 Signs You Are A Fashion Minor

2. You think way too much about what you are going to wear to class.

Sure, you might start the day in a finance class for your major in Business, but you have a fashion class right after, so you obviously have to dress the part.

10 Signs You Are A Fashion Minor

3. Your professor is better dressed than you.

After putting WAY too much effort into picking out your outfit for class, chances are you’ll still feel underdressed in comparison to your professor. 

4. There is NO WAY you’ll meet your future boyfriend in class.

Not to say there are ZERO boys in fashion minors’ classes, but the chances of finding your future husband are highly unlikely in your Intermediate Textiles class.

10 Signs You Are A Fashion Minor

5. You constantly feel pressured to find a killer new internship.

Fashion minors already have a full load of work in their major specific classes, but they also feel major pressure to have a fashion-related internship or job on top of that so that they don’t get forgotten in the fashion industry.

10 Signs You Are A Fashion Minor

6. You have a special bond with the fashion majors.

As a fashion minor, you have a connection to all the fashion students, and you’re likely looked up to as you’re also getting a degree in another field of study.

7. You are drowning in your workload.

While you might be idolized for being a well-rounded student, you are not avoiding the consequences in terms of your workload. Combining your major-specific classes with your fashion minor classes is a lot to handle.

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10 Signs You Are A Fashion Minor

8. You have WAY more fun in your fashion classes than you do for your major.

Sure, you love writing so your journalism classes are great, BUT you would much rather be working on your new project in your Visual Merchandising class with your fashion friends. 

9. You are always the go-to fashion guru among your friends.

Especially with having friends in your major, you are always seen as the fashion expert and the automatic choice when one of your Accounting major friends is getting dressed for her night out.

10 Signs You Are A Fashion Minor

10.  You know what you want and you’re willing to work for it.

Adding a fashion minor to any college degree is something that does not come without major ambition and drive. Your workload is likely large enough already, but you are determined to combine it with something you are truly passionate about, FASHION.

While there are likely far more characteristics that define and relate fashion minors, these ten are proof that you are not alone for feeling the way you do as a fashion minor, and that your motivation is going to get you FAR. Get out there and do this fashion thing!

10 Signs You Are A Fashion Minor

Feel like you can relate to these top ten signs of a fashion minor? Let us know below in the comments!

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