20 Signs You and Your Significant Other Are the Same Person

When you told other people you were dating, no one was surprised. Sometimes you wonder how two people could work so well together. You’re legitimately starting to believe soulmates exist. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Through the crazy hook-up culture that college has introduced you to, you’ve somehow found your perfect match. Not only is this person the best relationship you’ve had, but you’re seriously spooked at how similar you two are. It’s time to face the fact that you and your significant other may be the same person.

1. You both order the same thing at restaurants.

“Um, make that two of each.”

couples eating together

2. You both assume you’ll be hanging out Friday nights.

“Hanging out with your boyfriend/girlfriend again tonight?”


Well, yeah. Is there even anything else fun to do?

fun on a friday night

3. Having the same taste in music.

Being so stressed when he/she asks you to put one of your favorite songs on and then seeing him/her jam out to it once you play it. There’s no better feeling than finding out your significant other has the same shitty music taste as you. Not to mention how awesome it is finding new music together.

good taste in music4. Finishing each other’s sentences.

There’s a reason this one is so cliché. You’re both always coming to the same conclusions at the same times.


finishing each other's sentences5. Immediately agreeing that there are some things you don’t want to share with each other.

No, you will never be okay with the other listening to you pee.

ew jimmy fallon gif

6. Randomly waking up at the same times.

Every person whose significant other is the same person will experience this. That awesome moment when you go to text your significant other at 2am just to find that they had randomly woken up and were about to text you too.


falling asleep gif

7. Having the same guilty pleasures.

Yes, we both just binge-watched all of the Toddlers & Tiaras seasons… Your point is?

 shared music taste

8. Knowing the punchlines to each other’s jokes.

Hey, at least you’ll never have to worry about missing a punchline ever again.

funny inside jokes

9. Falling in love with the same TV shows.

You both are always keeping track of which character is your favorite and which one you think should be taken out of the show ASAP.


watching tv with your SO

10. Working out together.

And calling it quits at the same time.

working out with bae

11. Making huge decisions together.

This is one of the best parts of having a significant other that thinks the same way you do. You both can come to each other when dealing with difficult life choices. They are always so supportive and just want what’s best for you (which is really easy since you both agree on what that is).

Pirates of the Caribbean boat scene

12. Never actually getting into arguments because you agree on most things.

Sometimes you almost stress out because you hear that fighting is healthy and you two don’t do it.


jim and pam

13. Texting the same things at the same times.

Jinx! Jinx again!

Degrassi jokes

14. Liking and disliking the same people.

The best part about this one is when both of you are talking to someone that proceeds to do something that PEEVES you guys. There’s very few things that are better than the look you’ll give each other as they do that thing.

Friends tv show

15. Being invited to all of the same events.

You’re a package deal. Not a bad thing. Just double the fun for everyone around you!

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dance party gif

16. Your significant other’s friends like you right away.

How could they not get along with you? You guys are literally the same person. Being in a relationship means not only gaining a boyfriend/girlfriend, but gaining all of their friends too!

 double date


17. Feeling what he/she is feeling.

This one is both a gift and a curse. Being so in tune with each other that your emotions are greatly affected by your significant other’s. This isn’t to say that you can’t be the source of your own happiness, it just means that there’s someone else whose day you’re always wondering about.

when you have a lot of feelings

18. Easily transitioning from one part of your relationship to the next.

Emotionally or physically, you’re always on the same page.


sliding around the floor

19. Oddly becoming a part of the other’s family crazy fast.

Gotta love those texts from your significant other’s mom asking how your day was.

family dinner

20. Believing everything the other tells you.

Jokes aside, you trust each other 100%. How else would you treat your other half? You know for sure that everything they say is genuine and you can count on them for anything. The reality is that if one of you messes up, then both of you mess up I believe Book of Mormon

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