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20 Signs You And Your BFF Are The Same Person

20 Signs You And Your BFF Are The Same Person


Do you and your BFF think of each other as the same person? Can you read each other’s thoughts? Do you both share a ton of the same qualities? Then check out this list and see what characteristics you and your BFF share.

1. You constantly give each other the look.

You and your BFF can give each other the look in any situation, and you know exactly what each other are thinking. You’re both in agreement that someone is being annoying or that you both want to buy those sugar cookies.


2. You have a special nod.

Whether it’s a nod, a wave, or another gesture, you and your BFF have something that only you guys do when you see each other. When your BFF doesn’t do the gesture back, things don’t seem/feel right.

3. Words aren’t needed.

You and your BFF don’t need to use words to have a conversation over text. Emojis and gifs are all that’s needed to tell your BFF how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking.


4. You love the same food.

Unless you’re super indecisive, it isn’t hard to decide where or what to eat because you and your BFF like the same foods. Chances are it’s a normal thing for you and your BFF to each buy something that you can share with each other.


5. You dislike the same people.

If you don’t like someone, it’s likely that your BFF doesn’t either. Especially if someone does something to hurt you, then that person automatically goes on your BFF’s bad list, too.



6. You talk/act like each other.

When you’re around someone enough, you start to act like him or her. You and your BFF have picked up on each other’s slang and have started to show some of the same mannerisms. Your BFF’s sass, sarcasm, and humor are seen in you.

7. BFF telepathy.

Chances are if you miss your BFF or are thinking about texting/call them, your BFF was thinking about texting/call you too.


8. You obsessively watch the same shows.

Your BFF knows the perfect show for you to start watching and gets you hooked. If you or your BFF finished a show that either of you loved, you’ll re-watch it so you can follow where your BFF is in the show.

9. You know exactly how to comfort each other.

Whether it’s writing them a cute note, bringing them a quart of their favorite ice cream, or having a movie night, you and your BFF always know what will make each other happy.


10. Good news for your BFF is the best kind of news.

Nothing excites you more than when your BFF hears good news. The news may as well have been about you because you’re just as happy about it as your BFF is, if not happier.


11. You both think the same.

Since you and your BFF have similar minds, you have the same thought processes and know how each other feel in certain situations. Your BFF knows what’s going through your head and what you’re thinking because your BFF thinks the same way.

12. You ask their opinion about everything.

Whether it’s asking your BFF if an email you’re writing to your professor sounds okay, or if something you bought looks okay to eat, you check with your BFF before making (big) decisions.


13. You’ve already planned out your whole future together.

You’re going to get jobs in the same city and live in an apartment together with a dog and cat. And then when you’re both old, you and your BFF are going to live in the same nursing home.

14. You’re not (too) judgmental.

Your BFF doesn’t judge what you do too much because she understands how you function and the type of person that you are. Even if you do something a little odd, your BFF doesn’t judge you too much for it because she understands that that’s just how you are.


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15. You can have fun doing nothing.

You don’t have to do be doing something that requires money to have fun. Something as simple as going for a car ride or watching YouTube videos is fun enough for you and your BFF.



16. You simultaneously communicate through multiple apps.

You and your BFF can be texting through iMessage, while chatting on snap chat, while tweeting each other. But you’re obviously talking about different things.


17. You like the same type of music.

It’s easy to figure out what songs to play because you like all of your BFF’s favorite playlists. Whether its Disney, the Goo Goo dolls, or Ed Sheeran, you’re down to listen to whatever music your BFF plays.


18. You encourage each other to make good (and bad) decisions.

Whether it’s encouraging your BFF to buy that extra pint of ice cream and bag of fries, or encouraging them to try out for a club, you and your BFF are constantly encouraging each other.

19. You want to travel to the same places.

Traveling to certain countries is on both of your bucket lists. You dream of taking a trip to the same places, and you’re working on planning a trip together to make it happen.


20. You’re each other’s biggest influences.

If your they starts a new show on Netflix, chances are you’re going to try watching that show too. If they wants to order a pizza, you’re probably going to want to order one too.

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