15 Signs You And Your Best Friend Really Are Forever

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We all have that one friend we can’t live without. Here are some signs that you and your bestie will be together forever!

1. They are the first person you call with news

Whether it’s a bad breakup, a job interview gone wrong, or you just can’t find that cute blouse, your best friend is the first person you call to share the news with and you know they’ll always answer.

2. You finish each other’s sentences

You’ve known them for so long you can basically read each other’s minds. Which means more often than not you end up finishing each other’s sentences because you’re just that close.


3. You dress alike

It’s no surprise that spending this much time with someone would lead you to have the same taste in clothes! So naturally you’ll show up to events wearing basically the same outfit, but at least you both look good.

15 Signs You and Your Best Friend Really Are Forever

4. People always think you’re related

“Are you two sisters?” is one of the most common questions you get asked when you’re out together and tbh you just start saying yes!


5. Your family is their family and vice versa

You’ve spent countless family holidays together, they attend every birthday party, and your family thinks its strange when they’re not there! It’s not odd for you to be at their house without them there, and you probably have their parents numbers saved.

6. You travel together

Whether it’s a small road trip or going abroad, every big travel adventure has taken place with your best friend. Not only do they make the journey more bearable, but you wouldn’t want to share those moments with anybody else.

15 Signs You and Your Best Friend Really Are Forever


7. You share everything with them

New shirt? New shoes? Lipstick? Earrings? They borrow it all. When you’re shopping you always wonder if your bestie will like it too because chances are it’ll end up in their closet one day anyway.

8. They’ve seen you in every state imaginable

Whether you’re blacked out and vomiting on the bathroom floor, hungover, hysterically crying over that boy who won’t text you back or laughing so hard at a movie you’ve seen 200 times, they’ve seen it all.

9. You hardly ever fight, and when you do it doesn’t last

There really isn’t much your best friend could do to upset you, but chances are that even if you do have a fight, you’re over it pretty quickly because not talking to them is the worst.


15 Signs You and Your Best Friend Really Are Forever

10. You have more inside jokes with them than anyone else

There are some things that nobody else will ever understand except for your best friend. All it takes is a song that reminds you both of that one thing that happened 5 years ago, and you’ll be laughing for hours while everyone else looks at you like you’re crazy.

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11. They’re with you for every milestone

Birthdays?  Graduation?  Family wedding? You can’t imagine any of these events without them there.

12. You try new things together

You try out all the new and trendy things together so even if it’s disappointing at least someone else is disappointed with you!

15 Signs You and Your Best Friend Really Are Forever


13. You’ve talked about growing old together

About 99% of the conversations you’ve had about your future have involved intricate details of how you’ll live next door to each other and be together forever.

14. You don’t have to talk every day

Your best friend is still your best friend even if you don’t speak every day. And if you live far from each other, once you’re together it’s like no time has passed.

15. You literally cannot imagine your life without them

No one can replace your best friend, and you wouldn’t want it any other way.


15 Signs You and Your Best Friend Really Are Forever

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