10 Signs You Act Like A Grandma In College

There are specific signs you act like a grandma in college. If you are someone body who likes spending time indoors rather than going out to party, you are a college grandma. Find out the signs you are a college grandma.

Being a grandma doesn’t automatically mean you are elderly. Being an OG grandma is a state of mind! Here are 10 signs you act like a grandma in college. If you are one, own it GF.

You would rather sleep than go out.

How could you give up Netflix in bed?!

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You budget super carefully.

Gotta save that mula!

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Without glasses or contacts on you are basically blind.

The struggle is legit.


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Anything past like 10 p.m. is late.

Going out at 12 is unheard of!

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You have no filter.

Why should you?!

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You suck at modern technology.

It can be seriously confusing but it’s one of the true signs you act like a grandma.


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You’re never updated on the new trends.

It takes us some time.

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Dinner time for you is around 4 p.m.

Girl’s gotta eat…early!

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If you don’t nap, functioning is not an option.

Nap time is the most important time.

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You are feisty AF.

Own it.


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If you can relate to any of these signs you act like a grandma… you are the grandma out of your friend group. There is nothing better than being the college friend who has their shit together and who’s comfortable being who they are.

Let us know what you think about these signs you act like a grandma in the comments below!
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