15 Signs Winter Break is Too Far Away

Midterms are over, but the stress has just begun. Assignments (and laundry!) are piling up and the devil on your shoulder is convincing you to watch the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy instead of studying for the test you have tomorrow. Worried you won’t make it to winter break? Keep reading to find out whether or not you’re at risk!

1. Coffee is the only reason you *might* make it to 8 a.m. classes.

Coffee: The warm, joyous beverage that persuades you to leave your bed on those chilly autumn mornings when it’s begging you to return. And if someone were to draw your blood, caffeine would be in abundance.

Winter break is just too far away sometimes.

2. …If you even go to the class.

Let’s face it, some mornings, you can’t resist the urge to curl back into a ball and hide underneath your covers. Or you slept through all five alarms.

3. You binge-watch Netflix on weeknights.

McDreamy and McSteamy are no longer your dateless weekend guilty pleasures. Instead, the next episode begins to whisper your name before your first class of the day is over.

4. You choose Netflix over sleep.

Not only can you always be found binge-watching your favorite show for the month, but it’s starting to take precedence over sleep. McDreamy has a weird way of keeping your eyes open even though you’re sleepy 24/7.


5. You’ve started wearing Nike shorts with sweaters.

It’s a new low that college girls (and guys) are proudly wearing. The weather is still warm enough for shorts, but you can’t go around half-clothed in November, so you throw on a sweater to complete the look. This totally makes it more socially acceptable.


6. Mom gets more calls.

Forget having 10 missed calls from mom. She has 20 missed calls from you! Your life is falling apart and she’s the only one who can keep you from crying when you realize you only have four more weeks to bring up your grades.

7. Studying? What’s that?

Yeah, right. “Studying” has turned into browsing through social media for hours on end with a textbook open in your lap.


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8. Take-out 24/7, anyone?

Take-out has become your new best friend. Who has time to cook or eat fruits and veggies on the reg? Not you. You’re too busy balancing that textbook in your lap while scrolling through Facebook.

9. You don’t go to the gym anymore.

You went to the gym in September. Maybe. Once. Then you became bombarded with assignments for 10 classes even though you’re only taking five.

10. Is that my GPA or bank account balance?

You honestly can’t tell the difference between the two and both are dropping rapidly with every day leading up to break.

11. You’ve said “I’ll just take a quick nap first” more than once.

That so-called quick nap quickly turns into a two to four hour bear-like hibernation and you’re left with 30 minutes to complete an assignment that was due three hours ago.

12. You haven’t even read the book for the assignment due at midnight.

It’s 10:35 p.m. and your assignment is due in exactly an hour and 25 minutes. Of course, you must wait until the next hour to start it. Who starts at 10:35? Besides, your only option is to BS the entire assignment. Thank God for summaries.

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13. You have fallen asleep in a public place.

The twice-a-day naps in the privacy of your room are no longer enough. You’ve been caught snoozing on a bench or in the library numerous times.

14. The no-makeup look is becoming more common.

If you even make it to class, your makeup-less face complements the Nike shorts and sweater combo nicely.

15. Constant RBF.

This goes without saying.

Do you know of any other signs that winter break is just too far away? Let us know in the comments!

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