20 Signs You Went To Dreyfoos School Of The Arts

A place of creativity, a little bit of stress, and some great memories. These are the 20 signs you went to Dreyfoos School of the Arts!

Read the latest issue of The Muse? Taken a selfie in the big stall of one of the bathrooms? Have a “Keep Dreyfoos Weird” sticker on your laptop? If any of these apply to you, you went to Dreyfoos. A place of creativity, a little bit of stress, and some great memories. With the help of some fellow Dreyfoosians, here are 20 signs you went to Dreyfoos School of the Arts!

20 signs you went to Dreyfoos School of the Arts!

1. You Have Never Been to a High School Football Game, But You Wear Your “Dreyfoos Football Still Undefeated” Shirt With Pride

Dreyfoos doesn’t have a football team, but that isn’t enough to stop us from sporting our team pride with shirts declaring “undefeated” in big letters across the front. If you don’t have one of these iconic tees, then you might need to rethink your wardrobe choices.

2. There Is No Week Like Spirit Week

Whether it is generation day, class clique day, music genre day, celebrity day, or class color day, there was no way you weren’t going all out every single day. From thong leotards and leg warmers to go-go boots and tie-dye tees, the school spirit is always alive during this week in January. It all leads up to Pep Rally day where the class dances take the prize as the crowd favorite. This is definitely a week to remember.

3. You Never Expected to See Mr. Miller Wearing An Outfit That Matched

Stripes and polka-dots in one outfit? Yes, Mr. Miller was probably wearing it. However, his ties were always fashionable.

4. You Have No Clue What A Real Homecoming Dance Is Like

A homecoming dance with casual attire and a Super Smash Bros tournament? Yes. Dreyfoos had that. Homecoming may be a big deal at every other high school, but when your school doesn’t have a football team and your only pep rally is in January, Homecoming isn’t that much of a big deal for you.

5. Dress Code? Lol.

Sure, they said we had a dress code and gave out detentions the first few weeks of school, but after that, there was no dress code.

20 signs you went to Dreyfoos School of the Arts!

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6. You Can Tell What Someone’s Major Is Just By The Way They Are Dressed

The visual majors didn’t always wear all black, but they always had something new and interesting up their sleeve, literally. How many pairs of Tory Burch sandals can you find in the dance building? Why are the debate kids wearing suits on a random Wednesday? Dreyfoos, that’s why.

7. Your Teachers Are Like Your Best Friends

Not only did you learn from them every day, but they were people you could rely on. We all had that one teacher who we could go to every lunch period and just vent to.

8. You Graduated 4 Years Ago, But You Still Go Back to Visit

Dreyfoos will always be home. The teachers that became your best friends live there, so why not go back and visit?

20 signs you went to Dreyfoos School of the Arts!

9. When You Tell Someone You Go/Went to Dreyfoos They Always Went “Ohhhh You’re One of Those Kids”

Yes I am. I am one of those artsy fartsy, yet academically-inclined, Dreyfoos kids. Get over it.

10. If You Looked Confident Enough, You Could Walk Straight Off Campus

It’s true. If you looked like you knew what you were doing or where you were going, no one would ask you why you were leaving.

20 signs you went to Dreyfoos School of the Arts!

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11. No One Questioned You When You Aimlessly Wandered Around During Class

Rather than, “where is your hallpass?” Or “shouldn’t you be in class?” It was something along the lines of, “hey, what’s up?”

12. Parking Passes/Spaces Are No Joke

Students will do anything to be able to acquire a spot in the Dreyfoos parking lot. Even take one of last year’s parking passes and spray paint over it to make it look like it was from this year or put a sticky not on a junior’s car when parked in one of the senior parking spots warning them not to do it again.

13. You Got to School At 12pm At Least 4 Out Of 5 Days A Week

No, it wasn’t an LTM day, you were just not feeling it that morning so you chose to sleep-in.

14. You Saved Your Absences for Second Semester Senior Year

There was no way you were taking a final exam, so even if you had the swine flu, you were in class slowly dying just so you didn’t have to come to school the last couple weeks.

15. Ms. Berryman Was Your Hero

For more reasons than one, Ms. Berryman was your saving grace. If you were one of those kids who was always tardy, she knew your student number by heart and never questioned why you were late.

16. Our School May Be Small, But That Doesn’t Stop Us From Dominating The College Game

In 2017 alone, Dreyfoos sent two students to Yale, three to Harvard, and other schools including UNC Chapel Hill, UC Berkeley, Notredame, and more.

20 signs you went to Dreyfoos School of the Arts!

17. If You Weren’t A Music Or Theatre Major And You Went Into Building 7, You Got Lost

Not only was this building huge, but it was also filled with the sounds of instruments, singing, and students reciting lines to plays and musicals. You never knew what classroom you were walking into or who was in what practice room where.

18. You Took At Least One Selfie In The Big Stall Of The Bathrooms

Iconic. Truly iconic.

19. You Always Get The “So, Is Everyone At Your School Gay?” Question

Dreyfoos is inclusive. It’s a safe space, so kids may feel more inclined to be their authentic selves.

20. You Waited Four Years To Graduate, Just To Wish You Could Go Back

For those who went and still go to Dreyfoos, it is a home. Somewhere you discovered new talents and let old talents flourish. This school changed your life and you wouldn’t trade that experience for anything in the world.

20 signs you went to Dreyfoos School of the Arts!

Do you have any other signs you went to Dreyfoos School of the Arts!? Share in the comments below!

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