10 Signs They’re An Undercover Hater And NOT A True Friend

Not sure if you have an undercover hater in your midst? No worries, check out these 10 signs to tell if your “true friend” is actually not a true friend.

Encountering haters is an inevitable part of life. Hell, we all at one point have more than likely had or have a “hater moment”. For example, one of my cousins has tremendously amazing flawless skin while I break out like early 80’s Michael Jackson i.e. my “hater moment.” Here are 10 signs they are NOT a true friend.

Signs your friend is not a true friend.

A lot of times though, we associate with people who are full-blown undercover haters, but we think of them as a true friend. Undercover haters are fairly easy to point out though because they can never fully conceal their hating ass ways!


Not sure if you have an undercover hater in your midst? No worries, check out these 10 signs to tell if your “true friend” is actually not a true friend.

They Can Never Compliment You

You could be wearing an outfit that accentuates your figure in all the right places. However, a hater will say something like “the outfit is too tight”. And it would only be so if it was on their SpongeBob shaped body.

They Always Judge You

None of us are ever in a place to judge anyone, but a hater would feel as if they have the authority to do so. For example, if you love buying makeup, a hater will say “you still wasting your money buying makeup”. Like bitch, I can buy whatever I want!


They Love Throwing Shade

Ok, we all love throwing shade, but a hater loves doing so ceaselessly and maliciously. You can be wearing some dope sneakers and a hater will be like “mmm, I didn’t know you had Shaq sized feet, lol”. Lol, my ass!

They Count Your Money

Nobody should be counting your money, they ass isn’t employed at Bank of America or Chase. Yet, a hater will do so. You could’ve bought a shirt for $20 last week, then another $20 shirt this week and a hater will say “oh you clearly got money to blow buying expensive shirts back to back”. Yep, I do, and you clearly don’t!

They Talk About You to Others

An undercover hater loves to tell your business to other people. Let’s say you got offered a great opportunity, a hater will go blab that to people but tell it in a way that will suggest you either didn’t deserve the opportunity or did something shady to get it.


signs your friends are not a true friend.

They Give Out Backhanded Compliments

Some haters will give out compliments, but they would be backhanded ones. Like, your makeup can be looking flawless, and a hater will say “Your makeup is so pretty! I can’t have all those makeup products on my face though”. Okkkkk sucks to be you!

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They Are Always Negative

Haters and positivity do not go together at all! You could get a promotion on your job and a hater will be like “I hope you’re ready for the extra responsibility and extremely long hours. You won’t have a life at all”. Bitch bye!

They’re Overly Sarcastic

Sarcasm and haters definitely mix well together. They will always find any and everything little to intentionally be sarcastic about! You could have a “blonde moment” and they take that opportunity to further jab the moment.

They Never Like Your Pics

It is an unwritten rule that your close friends should always like your pictures on social media! Your undercover hater, however, will scroll by your pics and act like they never seen them. Girl, don’t try to act blind to my slayage!


They Make Their Hate Clear

Haters make their hatred so clear that you would have to be legally blind or incredibly naïve not to realize it. It is literally impossible for them to conceal their hate because everything they say or do, shows their true form!

What do you think of these signs your friend is not a true friend, but in fact an undercover hater? Let us know in the comments below!
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