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20 Signs That You’re Having Quarter Life Crisis

20 Signs That You’re Having Quarter Life Crisis

Growing up is scary. You want to get older and older and older and all you want is to be treated like an adult… when out of nowhere, you finally are one. And it actually isn’t all that great. Here’s 20 signs that you’re having a quarter life crisis:

1. When you visit your friend’s house and instead of saying, “Oh my God, this place is beautiful!” you ask, “I wonder how much your rent is?”

2. When you go to the grocery store and realize that eating is expensive.

(Tomatoes cost how much??!!)

3. When it hits you that you’re already halfway through the semester and that time is fleeting.

4. When your upperclassmen friends start graduating and having ***real*** jobs.

5. When you have to face facts and get a ***real*** job, too.

(Insomnia will not pay for itself.)



6. When your electric bill comes in the mail addressed to you and you have $0.40 in your bank account.

7. When you get a CREDIT SCORE.

8. When you actually make enough to file TAXES next year.

9. When your only motivation to get out of bed is chanting to yourself, “I must suffer now to be stable later.”

10. When you realize that “later” is 1-3 years from now, a.k.a. NOT THAT MUCH LATER.

11. When your parents start talk of retiring.

12. When your friends from high school start getting engaged, getting pregnant, or even worse, getting success.


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13. When your impulse buy is home decor or a wicked BOGO free paper towel sale.

14. When you’re revising your résumé at home in your onesie.

15. When you get heated over dirty dishes in the sink.


16. …and then immediately realize you’ve turned into your mother.

(Or father. Or any other parental figure. No gender roles here)

17. When you become a madman over the thermostat like a soccer dad.

18. When you realize you can vote for things.

19. When spending more than $3.27 on anything is a splurge.

20. When you look at your closet and see 80% business casual wear.

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