10 Signs That Your Best Friends Are Actually Your Soulmates

10 Signs That Your Best Friends Are Actually Your Soulmates

When I met my best friend, we were eleven years old. We were in marching band together and would walk the same way home from middle school. Fifteen years later, I find myself wondering if she has moved beyond the best friend category and into a league of her own: soulmate status. She’s like family yet she’s much more than that because I chose her to be in my life and she knows everything single detail about me. Friends are hard to find but soulmates are once in a lifetime. Here are 10 signs that your best friend is much more than a friend and is actually your soulmate.

1. They forgive you

No matter how many times you take back an ex, your friend is still there. They don’t judge you or belittle you for going back to what makes you comfortable. Instead, they allow it to happen and are there for you through thick and thin. They listen to you when things are good and when things could be better. Friends never leave your side regardless of finances, relationships or careers. That’s the first reason your best friend could be your soulmate.

2. They encourage you

Did you just get a promotion or meet someone hot on Tinder? I bet your friends are the first people you tell. They encourage you to do the things outside of your comfort zone and outside of your typical box. Friends are there to go out to lunch or shopping when trying to find the perfect outfit for any occasion! They’re there for you no matter what including the rise of a situation and the fall when things turn sour.


10 Signs That Your Best Friend Is Actually Your Soulmate

3. They know what you’re thinking

Have you ever been so close to a friend or coworker that you can look them in the eyes and you feel as though they’re thinking the same thing? Or maybe that friend knows exactly what you want to say without you even saying it. Only soulmates can communicate without speaking! True friends pick up on your mood, vibe and even know what your weird facial expression means. Somehow they know what you’re saying without needing to even speak a word

4. Time passes yet your friendship doesn’t fade

When it comes to being best friends, time doesn’t matter. You could go weeks or even months without seeing your friend, yet when you catch up it’s like you just saw them yesterday. They do not get mad at you for not being able to hang out as much as you did when you were younger. Friends understand that life sometimes gets in the way of having free time! Friendship should be easy and when you’re able to hang out like no time has passed at all, that’s soulmate material.


10 Signs That Your Best Friend Is Actually Your Soulmate

5. You can’t stay mad at each other

Of course arguments happen, but when your best friend is your soulmate, you roll your eyes and forgive the person. When it comes to disagreements, you apologize without even thinking about it because if something happens, they’re the first person you want to call. Friends have your back and you have theirs, that’s why small arguments should never break up a true friendship. You know they’re the one when they don’t let little things such as borrowing a shirt and forgetting to return it get in the way of being best friends.

6. You have fun doing absolutely nothing

True friendship isn’t about going out for dinner or meeting up for lunch. It’s about the times where the two of you are comfortable just being you. This means no makeup and no pretending who you really are. By having fun simply going grocery shopping or cleaning out your closet of old prom dresses, you two are completely comfortable doing absolutely nothing. This means you enjoy each other’s company so much; you just want to be around them.


10 Signs That Your Best Friend Is Actually Your Soulmate

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7. They love you unconditionally

No matter how annoyed your friends get with you, they always forgive you. The reason why is because they cannot imagine life without you. The friendship that you share is so important to them, they will be there for you no matter what. They love you regardless of disagreements or mistakes because they do not what to lose you.


8. You’re not afraid of losing them

You truthfully will tell your friend that an outfit doesn’t look good on her because you know she values your opinion. You also know that criticism won’t make or break your friendship. Friends take your opinion into consideration because they trust your judgment. This is another reason why friends could be soulmates because you’re able to be honest and open with them without fearing they’ll lose their friendship.

9. People have asked if the two of you were a couple

You and your friend are so comfortable together that people have asked if you were together. While soulmates typically are in a relationship, soulmates can be friendships too. The two of you have such a connection and bond that other people can see it! The bond is stronger than just friendship and people notice it.

10 Signs That Your Best Friend Is Actually Your Soulmate


10. They text you exactly at midnight when it’s your birthday

A friend wouldn’t be soulmate material if they didn’t do this. They’ve known your birthday since the beginning of your friendship and they also know how important it is. Your friend probably marked their calendar, set a reminder and texted you a bunch of emojis exactly at midnight. They’re happy to celebrate your birthday with you because it was on that day you were brought into this world and able to be in their life.

Are there any signs missing from this list? Comment below and let us know how else your friend can be a soulmate!
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