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10 Signs That Your Best Friend Is Into You Like That

10 Signs That Your Best Friend Is Into You Like That

You’ve got a guy best friend and the time you spend with him is just different than the time you spend with any of your other friends. He’s there for you, you spend a lot of time together, he’s kind, but he also teases you and puts you in your place when he needs to. But, lately you feel like he might be feeling a little more for you. He’s acting a little different; kind of like how he acts when he got one of those crushes, but he hasn’t told you he’s interested in someone else. So, now you’re wondering, “Does he like me?” Best friends know each other the best in the world and care for each other the most. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if he’s just being his caring self or if he might be developing on of those crushes on you. If you aren’t entirely sure, start looking for these signs that your best friend is into you in that way. Then consider if you may have the same feelings, and whether or not those crushes on one another can become something more.

1. Everyone can see it but you

Have some of your other friends or even your family members started questioning why you aren’t a couple or suggest that he may be into you? It’s weird but sometimes other people can see when people have crushes on us way before we do. If others start suggesting to you that it seems like he may be into you more than you thought it’s probably no big secret that he is. He’s probably talking about you a lot and your other friends are starting to notice. Do complete strangers mistake you for a couple sometimes? If you’re giving off a couple vibe, chances are at least one of you has developed one of those crushes and you all might just be oblivious to one another’s feelings because you’re friends. But if others can see the signs, chances are new feelings have sprung up.


2. He’s become more touchy and wants to be close to you

Seeing changes in your friend’s body language is a clear indicator that you’ve become one of his crushes. Does he sit closer to you on the couch when your watching tv? When you go out with other people is he making it a point to touch your arm or stand closer to you than usual? Has he made it a point to start kissing you on the cheek or hugging you longer when you say goodbye? If it seems like he seems to want to be as close to you as possible there’s a good chance he’s into you. He might not even be aware that he’s doing it, but he can’t resist his urge to be as physically close to you as possible. We all like being close to our crushes, so if he’s literally gotten closer to you lately, he likes you. 

3. He’s protective over you

Okay, yes, he’s always been quite protective but has it become a bit more intense recently? How does he react when a guy you like hurts you? Does he always take your side when you’re arguing with someone? Does he defend you whenever he can? Guys always become protective over their crushes so if you’ve noticed your guy friend has become more protective than usual, he’s doing it because he’s started to fall for you. You’ll be able to tell if his protective side has grown a bit stronger when he starts getting jealous when he sees you flirting with another guy or starts saying “He’s not the guy for you” more often when you suggest you may like someone new. He wants to be the one to protect your heart because he wants to be the one to have it. 


4. He always initiates your conversations

Does he make it a point to send you a good morning text every day? Does he continuously ask about how your day is going so that he can talk to you throughout the entire day? If he’s keeping in touch more often than usual then you may have become one of his crushes. He wants you to know that he’s thinking of you and wants to be in your life. If he’s calling to make the plans or even if he just makes up an excuse to call you so he can hear your voice, then he is definitely wanting to become more than friends. You’ve become of his crushes when he constantly wants to talk especially if he’s never really been the one to start the conversations. 


5. He’s opening up more and has become more vulnerable around you

It’s no mystery that it’s hard for guys to open up about their feelings and what’s going on in their life so if your guy best friend starts telling you more about what’s really going on with him then there’s a good chance he’s starting to see you as more than a friend. Before he never really delved into the details of what he’s feeling but now he’s opening up because he values your opinion and would love to get your advice. When he starts doing this, and maybe even starts showing true emotions around you, there’s a good chance you’ve become one of his crushes. He’s trying to gauge if the two of you are compatible on this level by opening up to you more and seeing how you handle and react to it. 

6. He no longer wants to discuss his love life

Even if you’ve become one of his crushes, there’s a good chance he’s still going to participate in an active love life. But now, instead of telling you about it, he’s been keeping it to himself.  He hasn’t told you about any of the dates he’s been on recently and when you mention something about an ex he’s had he brushes it off and starts talking about something else. He doesn’t want to share these things with you because he doesn’t want you to think he’s interested in anyone. When you’ve become one of his crushes he doesn’t want you to know about who he’s actually crushing on; at least not yet. He also might be keeping it from you because he might not be seeing anyone at all because he’s only interested in you. 


7. But he’s super interested in your love life

He may not want to share his love life with you anymore, but he has no problem getting the scoop on yours. If you notice him asking about who you’re interested in more often or wondering if you’ve been going on dates recently then he is falling in love with you. When you become one of his crushes he’s going to want to know every detail about the men you’re dating. Even if it hurts him to hear about the guys you’re seeing, he’ll continue to ask because he hopes you’ll be single long enough for him to win you over. And then if you catch him constantly pointing out the flaws of the guy you’re seeing or seem kind of happy when you break up with or stop seeing a guy, then you’ll know that you’ve moved from being his best friend to being one of his crushes. He’s just thinking of the best way to tell you that you need someone who deserves you and that maybe that someone is him.

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8. He’s started to spend most of his time with you

Do you find yourself wondering why your guy bestie has started to spend almost all of his time with you recently? Are you wondering what has happened to his other friends and why he doesn’t seem to hang out with them as much anymore? Chances are if he spending all his free time with you, he has fallen for you. When we develop new crushes we want to spend every waking moment with them and this case is no different. He’s spending all his time with you because that’s his favorite thing to do. Nothing is better than hanging out with you, and no one likes spending that much time with someone if they don’t care about them deeply. You’ve definitely become one of his crushes when he only wants to hang with you. 



9. He’s started to compliment you a lot more

Yes, our friends usually compliment us but if you’ve noticed that he’s complimenting you a lot more recently or has started complimenting things he never really did before then there’s a good chance you’ve become one of his crushes. If he’s started to tell you more and more how pretty you look, how funny you are, and how smart you are he’s definitely into you. And you really know things have changed when you notice the shine and glimmer in his eyes when he says these things to you. This is because the compliments are coming from his heart and that he see you as something incredible and enchanting.

10. He would much rather be alone with you

Lastly, if this guy has taken an interest in only being with you and not your normal group of friends then you have definitely become one of his crushes. Whereas before, you guys always went out with a group, now he only wants to hang out with you. He wants to give you his full attention and wants all of your attention on him. Sure, you’ve gone to the movies and out to dinner together just the two of you before, but if he seems more touchy, flirty, and possessive when you start going out just the two of you then he’s most likely falling for you. You’re basically going on dates, it’s just neither one of you has said it yet. Once your hangouts start feeling more date-like, then you know you’ve probably been one of his crushes for a while now and maybe it’s time to talk about it and take things to the next level. 


Has one of your guy friends fallen for you at one point? How did you know that he had started crushing on you? Did you date or just remain friends? Let us know in the comments!

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