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8 Signs That You Should Definitely Leave The Party

8 Signs That You Should Definitely Leave The Party

8 Signs That You Should Definitely Leave The Party

Partying can be fun, but knowing when to leave the party is an important skill for any social butterfly. Through the bright lights, booming music, and a less than fully-functional mind, you might not be able to identify those tell-tale signs that you should definitely get the hell out of there. Here are 8 things you should be on the lookout for next time you have a night out.

1. Someone’s Looking For A Fight

You do not want to be caught in the middle when a fight breaks out, especially when the competitors have had one too many. One wrong turn and you’ll find yourself on the bad end of a left jab and waking up with a black eye. So look out for anyone acting aggressive, drinking a little too much, and trying their hardest to have an argument with someone. If you notice anyone acting suspiciously, let the bouncer or anyone with a clear head know so they can end the problem before it even starts.

8 Signs That You Should Definitely Leave The Party

2. The Drinks Stop Flowing

As soon as the party runs out of drinks to give out, it’s time to leave, and for a few reasons. One being that people are going to get real mad, real quick. Drunk people will have no concept of what being out of drinks means, and are going to be very unhappy with the party runners. Another reason being that being in an ill-prepared party isn’t worth being in at all. If they failed to supply an adequate amount for the people, they don’t deserve your presence anyway.

3. Slow Jams

This is the DJ’s way of telling you that it’s late and they want to go home. Think of it like high school prom; have your last dance, and go home for the after party. As soon as any song with a remotely slow beat comes on, you will start to see people packing up to leave. So take notice, and let this be your last song.

4. Sirens in the Distance

“WOOP WOOP” is not a good sound when taking a night out. The last thing you need is to spend the night in handcuffs cause someone brought in something they shouldn’t have into the party, or cause a minor got in without notice. When you see the red and blue lights and you want to get out of there do NOT run! Just walk away from whatever the situation is and call it a night.

8 Signs That You Should Definitely Leave The Party

5. You Can’t Find Your Friends

There’s power in numbers, and ‘1’ is the least powerful of them all. So if you find yourself alone in an unfamiliar situation just step outside and catch your breath. Locate your friends and make sure they’re safe. And let them know you’re safe and where to find you, cause they are probably looking for you too.

6. You Just Aren’t Feeling It

It is perfectly fine to leave a party if you simply do not want to be there. If you are feeling uncomfortable with the people around you, if you have obligations in the morning you should be prepared for, or if your social meter is simply too low to continue, any reason at all is a good reason to leave the party. So ignore your friends and go with what feels right, cause it’s completely up to you.

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8 Signs That You Should Definitely Leave The Party

7. People Are Getting Bored

The crowd will tell you how the party is going. If you notice people filing out of the door or closing their tab, it means the night is over or it’s on to the next spot. So always keep an eye on the general crowd, the hive mind might just be right.

8. You’ve Had Too Much

This could be the hardest rule to follow, especially in the situation. During the party, it’s important to occasionally take a step into the restroom, look at yourself in the mirror, and tell yourself that you’ve had too much, and it’s time to leave the party. Especially before your night goes from bad to worse.

8 Signs That You Should Definitely Leave The Party

Have any other signs that it’s time to leave the party? We’d love to know! Let us know in the comments!

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