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8 Signs That You Might Have Fallen Out Of Love

8 Signs That You Might Have Fallen Out Of Love

Falling out of love with your partner will happen to all of us at some point in our lives. Some relationships just don’t last forever. Here are eight signs that you might have fallen out of love.

1. You Feel Weird When They Touch You

When you’re in love, every kiss, cuddle and touch feels comforting and special. When you’ve fallen out of love, each touch will make you feel gross and uncomfortable. If you can sense yourself pulling away from your partner when they come near you, chances are you do not have feelings for them anymore.

8 Signs That You Might Have Fallen Out Of Love

2. You’re Not Excited To See Them

After a few years together, it is normal to not have butterflies in your stomach every time you see your partner. That said, you should still look forward to seeing them. If you find yourself looking at the clock and feeling sad that it is almost time for them to come home from work, you may well have fallen out of love.

3. Little Things Begin To Annoy You

Everyone has little quirks that will get on your nerves from time to time. Things like leaving their socks lying about or forgetting to close the doors. When things that did not use to bother you start becoming annoying, however, you have a problem. The likelihood is that there is something much bigger which is frustrating you, and all these tiny mannerisms are just adding to it.

8 Signs That You Might Have Fallen Out Of Love

4. You Feel ‘The Ick’

If you have never heard of ‘the ick’, it is basically a sudden repulsion in a relationship that you cannot shake. One day you will wake up, look at your partner, and simply not be attracted to them anymore. Psychologists have tried to explain the reasoning behind it, but ultimately it means you have fallen out of love.

5. You’re Not Trying To Fix It

Just because you are experiencing problems in your relationship does not mean that it is doomed. There are plenty of ways to overcome these issues and get the love back. However, if you have no desire to actually try to fix it, then you are probably over them. If you truly loved them, you would not give up so easily.

8 Signs That You Might Have Fallen Out Of Love

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6. You’ve Become Self Centred

Being in a relationship does not mean you should not take time for yourself. In fact, that is key to a healthy relationship! If you find that you are only thinking about yourself, though, you might want to ask yourself why. It might be that your partner simply isn’t an important part of your life anymore. That’s a pretty clear sign you’ve fallen out of love with them.

7. You Don’t Talk

How often do you call or text your partner in between seeing them? It is normal to not chat constantly the way you did when you first got together, but it is not normal to never speak at all. You should want to ask them about their day, see how they are, to tell them you love them. If you do not have that desire anymore, ask yourself why.

8 Signs That You Might Have Fallen Out Of Love

8. You Cannot Imagine A Future

This really is the most damning evidence that you have fallen out of love. As Eric Forman in That 70’s Show once said, “if you can see a future for yourself without me, and that doesn’t break your heart, then we’re not doing what I thought we were doing”. If you realise that you would not be sad to live your life without them, then you are definitely no longer in love.

Did these signs ring true for you? How did you know you had fallen out of love? Let us know in the comments!

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