20 Signs That You Know You’re from Fairhope, Alabama

Living in Fairhope, Alabama, there are a few common things there that everyone who lives there understand. Check them out!

Alabama is known as the beautiful state, for the north has the mountains and the south has the beach. We also have the best fried chicken, Alabama tailgating parties, and flow with the breeze lifestyle. Each town has its unique qualities, but when it comes to Baldwin County, Fairhope has a reputation all of its own. Here are 20 signs that you are from Fairhope, Alabama.

1. You brag a little about where the movies Get Out and Oculus were filmed.

Fairhope has the charm of a storybook town which attracts film scouts. The blockbuster movie Oculus is one of Fairhope’s proudest creations. Get Out was also filmed in our small town. Whenever these movies play on TV while watching with friends, you can’t help but say, “Did you know this was filmed in my hometown?”

20 Signs That You Know You're from Fairhope, Alabama

2. You schedule your calendar around the Lighting of the Trees.

You get excited for the month of November because it’s time for lighting of the trees. Fairhope hosts its annual lighting of the trees to mark the beginning of the holiday season by dressing the trees on the sidewalks in downtown Fairhope with Christmas lights and even sprinkle fake snow.

20 Signs That You Know You're from Fairhope, Alabama

3. You danced with your father at prom.

Whether this happened to you or a friend you will remember that one and only time you ever witnessed girls dancing with their fathers at prom. You might have even been the one to dance with your father at prom.

4. Your parents stood in the designated watch zone at prom.

With the newly outlawed tradition of dancing with your father at prom, there is now a new tradition that every senior has witnessed. Parents are only allowed to watch you dance with your date in a designated watch zone with the other senior parents. When friends from college ask what your prom was like, you simply say, “It was great except for my date’s mother watching us from across the room.”

5. You own Simply Southern.

If you look in your closest, there is most likely a whole section full of t-shirts and long sleeves from simply southern right next to your Columbia PFG shirts.

20 Signs That You Know You're from Fairhope, Alabama

20 Signs That You Know You're from Fairhope, Alabama

6. You sat three to a seat possibly more.

You know the pain of riding the bus to Fairhope High School because you had to share not only a seat with three other high schoolers but a whole bus filled with kids from all grade levels.

7. You played Pokémon Go at the pier for hours.

When Pokémon Go first released, everyone and their Grandmother were out catching Pokémon in the streets of Fairhope. But you know where all the best places are to catch rare and water type Pokémon by going to the pier in Fairhope.

8. What rough neighborhood?

You can only recall that one lemon car on the corner with rusted rims, but that’s about it.

9. Dogwood dresses have been drilled into your memory.

You might have competed in the Dogwood pageant to wear the traditional southern belle dress in peach, baby blue, yellow, lavender, turquoise, or pink. Or, you watched them parade by during festivals wishing you had auditioned.

20 Signs That You Know You're from Fairhope, Alabama

10. You lived in the fruit and nut district.

If you lived on fig or pecan avenue, then you’re from the fruit and nut district of Fairhope where every street is named after a fruit and nut.

11. One of your favorite seasons is spring for the annual art festival.

Spring is officially in bloom when you receive an invite to attend the art festival in downtown Fairhope.

12. You’re shocked to find stores outside of Fairhope to still be opened after 5pm.

Downtown Fairhope has unique and shop till you drop worthy stores, but once the clock strikes 5pm, all stores close. On the weekends, stores close even earlier. You don’t even bother going shopping on Sunday.

20 Signs That You Know You're from Fairhope, Alabama

13. When your workplace orders catering from Newks.

Newks may not be located in Fairhope, but they sure make a lot of profit from you and your co-workers.

20 Signs That You Know You're from Fairhope, Alabama

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14. You lived at the bluff.

With Fairhope nestling on the shores of Mobile Bay, at night there’s a clear view of the Mobile city lights. This was you and your friends designated hang out spot in high school.

15. You remember the Grand hotel.

It’s that place you’ve heard of, but never stayed at because of their expensive rates. But, you’re always applying to work there as a server to get those hefty tips.

16. If you’re the town book worm, you always hit up Page and Palette.

Sure, there’s a Barnes and Noble about twenty minutes away, but there’s a book store downtown that’s got everything you need plus school discounts.

20 Signs That You Know You're from Fairhope, Alabama

17. Why go to the beach when you’ve got the bay?

Of course, you have the option to go to Gulf Shores, Biloxi, and Pensacola beaches, but why travel that far when you’ve got a beach on the bay that’s only minutes away? You might even find yourself comparing other beaches to Fairhope’s.

18. You have a Subway in town, but you know Panini Pete’s will be way better.

In the French quarter section of downtown Fairhope, there’s a little shop called Panini Pete’s that you hit up every chance you get for their breakfast beignets and Pete’s famous Muffuletta Panino.

20 Signs That You Know You're from Fairhope, Alabama

19. You spend more money at Coffee Loft than Starbucks.

They opened a few Starbucks around town, but they don’t quite have that atmosphere and strong espresso flavor that Coffee Loft offers. You’ve spent hours lounging in this shop after school with friends. Who knows if you ever did get that homework assignment completed on time.

20 Signs That You Know You're from Fairhope, Alabama

20. You never learned to park on a driveway.

Living in Fairhope’s fruit and nut district comes with many great features and community. However, you might not have gotten the chance to park your car on anything other than cracked asphalt, rocks, or red clay dirt. You might just be that person who only parks on the street or the lawn rather than on your friend’s driveway.

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