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8 Signs That The Guy In Your Class Is Flirting With You

So there’s a guy in one of your classes that’s cute, charming, and not terrible to be around? And while you think that you might like him as more than a friend, you aren’t entirely sure if he feels the same. Until he starts doing some things differently in class that make it seem like he’s flirting. College flirting is a little different than the flirting we did in high school. And classroom flirting is different than say the flirting you’ll get at a party or sporting event. Considering that everyone is hopefully a little more mature than they were in high school, there’s a good chance that the college flirting is going to be a little more mature than the flirting that was done in high school – especially if it’s done in a classroom setting. It’ll be more lighthearted and even less stressful than trying to impress someone at a party. There are some clear signs that the cute guy in one of your classes is flirting, and I’m here to lay some of them out for you. 

1. He looks at you from across the room and makes an effort to talk to you.

Let’s say you and this charming fella sit on opposite ends of the room. If you catch him sneaking peeks at you during class that is a clear sign of college flirting. What makes it different than the glances you might’ve received in high school is that when you catch him he doesn’t turn away quickly and pretend it never happened. If you catch a cute boy staring at you in your college class and he’s college flirting he’ll just smile at you can continue to look at you. Boys are braver in college so he won’t shy away and he might even want you to know that he’s looking. He’ll also make every attempt to come and talk to you if he sits further away. At the beginning of class, during any breaks, if you’re put into groups, and when class is over. Like I said, when it comes to college flirting the guys are just braver. They aren’t afraid to let you know they like you.   

2. He’s constantly asking you questions or for help.

This is one of the best ways for him to interact with you during class. Whether he’s asking you questions about something you just learned or even just asking you about yourself, posing questions is a way for him to connect with you and get you talking. When it comes to college flirting, guys aren’t afraid to ask for help whether they actually need it or not. When they say they need help with a homework assignment or a study buddy this is a clear college flirting move. They want to spend time with you outside of class but aren’t ready to ask you on a date yet, so they ask you on a study/homework date first. This provides them with an opportunity to get to see and know you outside of class so that they can potentially ask you out on that real date after. It’s one of the oldest moves in the book but it’s one that usually works every time.  

3. He compliments your work.

This one is especially prominent in college flirting because again, a guy would never do it in high school. In college there are a lot of times when your papers will get peer reviewed and a classmate will sit and read it so they can provide you with feedback. If the cute, charming guy always wants to be peer review partners and then compliments the work you’ve done he’s flirting. Saying things like, “You’re paper was so good I have no notes” or “Wow, you wrote this?” he’s making an effort to compliment your work. Or let’s say you have to give a presentation in class and he makes it a point to tell you after that your presentation was really good, that’s a form of college flirting. Only in a college classroom would a cute boy compliment your work. It’s a way for him to show you that he’s paying attention to you and wants you to know that he cares about the things you do. 

4. He sits by you, even if it throws off the unspoken seating chart.

In college, you aren’t normally assigned a seat but the seat that everyone chooses on that first day becomes your seat for the semester. Each class develops an unspoken seating chart that everyone in the class follows; no questions asked. If the cute, charming guy mixes it up and moves to sit by you, throwing off the unspoken seating chart, that’s some serious college flirting. No one will say anything, but it will make everyone question why there’s an unspoken change in where everyone is sitting. If he makes the effort to disrupt the seating chart he is trying to show you that he wants to be close to you and able to talk to you during class. He’s made a conscious decision to move to sit by you even if it upsets some other people. Choosing to sit by someone is a one of the bluntest ways of college flirting. 

5. He walks you home or to your next class.

Once he’s offered to walk you home or to your next class, no matter how far it is, he’s showing you that he wants to spend more time with you outside of class. Similar to the study date, offering to walk you to wherever you need to go next is an example of college flirting. This is especially the case if your next class is all the way across campus and his is in the building next door to the one you’ve both just left. He’d rather walk you across campus and be late to his own class than not spend more time with you. He’s made you a priority now, and once he’s offered to escort you all the way home he’s really college flirting. If you’ve lived on a college campus or close to one, you know that walking, riding a bike or skateboard, or public transportation are some of the most common forms of transportation – no one really drives to campus unless they live super far and even then they’ll have to take a shuttle from where they park to campus. If he’s willing to endure all that to spend more time with you outside of class, then he clearly likes you.

6. He’ll be the first one to offer you help.

While he thinks its cute to ask you for help, he’ll also make it a point to be the first one to offer you help when you need it. You need help with an assignment, he’ll volunteer to work with you. You need someone one to quiz you for the next exam, he’ll volunteer to be your study partner. You drop your book or papers off your desk, he’ll be the first person to pick them up for you. Any chance that he has to help you out in class he will because that’s another sign of college flirting. Again, guys are just bolder when it comes to college flirting and even if he doesn’t know the material that well either, if he likes you he’s going to make sure that he can give you any help he can. He especially doesn’t want some other guy in the class to help you so he’ll jump on any moment to be the guy you turn to when you need anything. Offering help and asking for help are college flirting 101 and he’ll make it a point to do either whenever he can. 

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7. He’ll find you after class if he wasn’t able to talk to you in class.

My boyfriend in college did this a lot and it was how I discovered that he liked me and was trying to flirt with me in his own little way. We were in an American Lit class together and he sat by me so we were almost always in the same group when we discussed the books we were reading. If by some chance our professor told us to mix up our discussion groups and we weren’t able to discuss the book together, his way of college flirting was by finding me later in the day so we could discuss the book together. I found him waiting for me at my on-campus apartment multiple times so we could “discuss the book” if we weren’t able to talk in class. If your charming guy makes the effort to see you outside of class because he didn’t get to talk to you as much as he wanted to in class he clearly likes you. Don’t be like me and need several spontaneous “book discussions” outside of class to realize the man is flirting. He likes you, he’s making an effort to find you, he’s college flirting. 

8. If you miss a class, he’ll need to know why.

Let’s say you were sick, had an appointment, or just decided to skip for a day but you weren’t in the class that you share with this guy. If the next time he sees you he asks you why you weren’t in class and seems like he really needs to know the answer this means that he likes you likes you. A clear form of college flirting is attending a class solely because you are interested in someone in that class and if you aren’t there for him to flirt with it’s going to drive him crazy. You’ll know he’s really interested if he tells you how lame class was because you weren’t there or if he even says he missed you while you were gone. If he says anything along those lines it’s definitely a form of college flirting. And if you like him just as much, you’ll discover that you never want to miss the class because you’ve realized you go just because you get to see him too. 

Have you noticed any college flirting tactics that the guys use in your classes? Have any of these forms of flirting worked on you? Let us know in the comments!

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