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20 Signs You Are A Runner

20 Signs You Are A Runner

Blisters, beat up shoes and paved roads are no match for us runners. Here are twenty signs you are a runner or know someone who is.

It’s either you know a runner or you’re a runner. Here are twenty signs all runners can relate to!

1. You’re grumpy until after you run.

Life just isn’t complete. If I’m ever angry, just send me out for a run.  Nine out of ten times I’ll come back with much clearer thoughts. I don’t need therapy… I just need a run… right?

2. You’re never seen without a watch.

Your GPS watch is your life. I thought it was just an extension of my arm. In fact, when I take that puppy off I have a super rad tan line to atone for its absence.


3. You hear “Run Forest! Run!” pretty much daily.

There’s no better, more creative nor original cheer for a runner. Apparently we’re all named Forest. But let’s be honest… it makes us feel pretty awesome.

4. You know the streets better than the back of your hand.

Honestly, you’d be the best taxi driver. Running those streets daily gives you a sense of hometown pride and you’re well-known on your route. 

5. Whenever someone needs something, people automatically assume you can do it because “you’re a runner.”

“Oh we need that item that’s a 4839393 mile walk through the 47282 degree weather. You can do it! You’re a runner!”


6. Running shoes are the most expensive shoes you’ll ever buy.

100 dollars seems expensive until you look at shiny new shoes and imagine how great new shoes would feel. Oh and you can’t forget the petting zoo of shoes, orthotics.

7. Your closet or garage is full of old running shoes.

Most running shoes are only good for about 300 or so miles. Instead of getting rid of them, you’ve turned into the next hoarder on a reality TV show. You never know, you might need 27 pairs of old running shoes for a hike one day. 


8. You’re almost never without an injury.

We always say we’ll take a break to heal. We can only hope it’ll go away the next day. Honestly, we can barely walk most of the time.

9. AWESOME tan lines.

Even with everything off you still have spandex, a tank top, and a watch on. Oh, and socks. 

10. Let’s talk about chub rub.

You know when your inner thighs are burning because of all the friction. Yeah, that’s skin peeling off. Your worst nightmare is getting chub rub in the middle of your long run. That’s why Body Glide is a blessing from above.



11. The wall.

All of your friends call you a show off. In reality, it’s an artistic expression of all the pain you’ve been through.


12. You plan your week around your weekly mileage.

In fact, it’s gotten to the point where your friends no longer ask “What are you doing today?” but “What are you running today?”

13. Strava is the new Instagram.

If you’re not on Strava, get on it! It’s an awesome place to keep your weekly runs and cross training in order. Plus, it makes you feel pretty cool when someone gives you kudos on Afternoon Run.


14. Most of your drawers are full of running clothes.

Even after the run you normally resort to wearing running clothes and running shoes. But that’s okay, because it makes it extra special when you decide to wear normal clothes.

15. Your best runs are with your friends.

Sure, you probably talk too much and get too out of breath but won’t admit it. Any run with a friend is secretly a race to see who’s in better shape.


16. You can’t wear flip flops anymore.

How many toe nails does a runner even have? Do purple toe nails count? There’s also all the blisters and sores. Want to see my ingrown toe nail? That’s just gross.

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17. PASTA!

Carb free? Think more carb loading. Sure, it probably shouldn’t be an everyday thing but running is a good excuse to eat infinite amounts of pasta. I hear “you eat a lot” (probably more than what’s healthy).

18. You’re the only one upset when they pave the dirt road.

We all have that one dirt trail we love. The dirt is extremely beneficial for tired, beat up legs. Until one day the city decides that it would be better to pave it for “dust” and “safety” reasons. Bet you’re still in the process of getting over it.


19. Vacation? You mean new running trails?

Lets be honest, your vacation is pretty much chosen based on the amount of local trails.


20. But we’re not just runners!

We’re certified crazy.


Know any other signs that prove you’re a runner? Comment below!
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