15 Signs Rooming With Your Hometown Bestie Was A Big Mistake

The only thing better than going away to school is going with your best friend...right? Here are 15 signs that rooming with your hometown bestie was a big mistake.

Rooming with your hometown bestie sounds like a dream come true when it comes to going away to college. Not everyone gets the chance to move to another state with their BEST FRIEND.You guys are already comfortable with each other, so planning to live together is obviously a no-brainer if this opportunity arises. But sometimes rooming with your hometown bestie isn’t always the best choice since you share a close bond. Here are 15 signs that rooming with your hometown bestie was a big mistake.

1.  They “Borrow” Your Stuff Without Asking

Rooming with your hometown bestie means you’re very close with each other, but when is the line drawn when it comes to borrowing each other’s things? What about when you go change into that top that you’ve been planning all day to wear for tonight’s party but can’t find it. Then you see on your bestie’s Snapchat story, who is at a concert across town, wearing it can cause some pretty irritating feelings.

15 Signs Rooming With Your Hometown Bestie was a Big Mistake

2. They Don’t Respect Your Stuff

It sucks when something you own gets broken. If you’re rooming with your hometown bestie she shouldn’t throw the glass dishes that you brought from home on the drying rack after washing them off as if they were plastic. She should handle it with the same awareness she would if it belonged to someone else. Just because you guys have been close for years doesn’t mean she can handle your personal items carelessly.


3. No Privacy

When people think about rooming with their hometown bestie, it’s like one of those movies where the best friends use the tin cans connected by a string to talk to each other through their opposing windows. You may be sleeping in separate rooms but it’s like the ultimate sleepover. Until your boyfriend is over and things are getting hot and heavy. Then suddenly, your door that you forgot to lock swings open because you guys have known each other forever and knocking just isn’t a requirement in your friendship. Talk about awkwardly frustrating.

4. They Are Never Around To Hangout

When rooming with your hometown bestie, it’s sometimes nice to know that when coming home from a long day, you can come home to each other and vent about it. But as the school year goes on that might not always be the case. You meet new people at college and they might want to go out with their study group for a pizza without extending the invite to you. While it’s normal for people to have experiences with new people, the other person might end up feeling left out creating negative emotions towards their bestie.

5. They Start Seeing A New Guy

New school = new guys. Rooming with your hometown bestie might not be as exciting when she meets a new guy in her psych class. You text her, “Hey, sushi tonight when I get back from class?” She replies, “Can’t eating at wing night with Derek.” Which is awesome for her because Derek’s cute and they seem to really hit it off, but how many times are they going out to eat this week?! You thought that rooming with your hometown bestie meant a dinner partner for the next four years but looks like it’s take out for one… again.

15 Signs Rooming With Your Hometown Bestie was a Big Mistake


6. They Eat Your Food

When rooming with your hometown bestie you might be used to when you’d go over to each other’s homes and pig out on what’s in each other’s cabinets. But being at college means budgeting hardcore and the “what’s yours is mine” rule just doesn’t apply. Yes, sharing is caring, but when you bought enough cold-cuts to last you the week and it’s gone within two days because your bestie helped herself can cause some serious personal and hunger problems.

7. They Invite Their Friend Over From Home Who You Never Liked

Being away at college means more freedom and inviting your hometown friends to experience it for a weekend. Rooming with your hometown bestie doesn’t mean that you can’t just invite whoever you want up. Everyone who goes away has the right to house guests. But if your bestie invited that girl from home who always annoyed you, but your bestie loves for a visit, you will literally have to deal with her in your home for the whole weekend.

8. Cleaning

Hopefully, when rooming with your hometown bestie you guys were able to establish some cleaning rules. But the lines for politeness and expectancy can get blurred if you find yourself ALWAYS doing the dishes. It comes with the sense that you’ve both known each other for so long that she thinks you don’t mind when actually your just trying to be courteous.

15 Signs Rooming With Your Hometown Bestie was a Big Mistake


9. Paying Bills

Rooming with your hometown bestie off-campus means both having to pay bills such as rent, utilities, and cable. Splitting it in half is the best and most reasonable way, but they are more likely to feel comfortable asking you to spot them down the line. There is something about rooming with people you don’t have a close bond with that makes you punctual with payment. Your bestie might ask you to cover their half this month and take a while paying you back or expect you to let it go because you accidentally ripped her favorite pair of jeans in the sixth grade that she just never quite got over.

10. Hearing Them Have Sex

Now it’s pretty awkward to hear strangers having sex, but when it’s someone that you consider a sister it’s scarring. You know how your bestie sounds when she laughs and cries, you don’t need to add her pleasure moans to the list.

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15 Signs Rooming With Your Hometown Bestie was a Big Mistake


11. Nagging

One thing about rooming with your hometown bestie is that you’re really close is that there’s no need for pettiness when you know you can confront each other about any problems. When confronting turns into nagging that’s when problems become bigger.  She doesn’t clean up after herself right away and you find yourself telling her more than once to clean up her stuff throughout the day. Not only do you hate the mess she makes but she can’t stand you nagging her when she knows she’ll get to it eventually.

12. You Argue A Lot

With the little annoying things that happen when rooming with your hometown bestie over the months, it could create some tension between you two. You might not be perfect either and annoying her with some habits as well. Arguments are bound to happen but if you find yourselves arguing more than you did when you both lived at home, it’s not a good sign.

13. Talking Behind Each Other’s Back

When rooming with your hometown bestie you expect to come home to vent to them, not to find yourself venting to others about them. If you find yourself trash talking your bestie to one of your school buddies about how she’s messy and annoying, it might mean that your friendship is in jeopardy.

14. Getting Annoyed By Them

When you first decided to room with your hometown bestie, you were so excited about the experience of living with them. Well, now you can’t stand to be near them. If you’re constantly locking yourself in your room because every time you look at your bestie you feel angry and annoyed, this wasn’t the right choice.


15. You Can’t Wait To Move Back Home And Have A Break From Them

After rooming with your hometown bestie for a school year, you’re finally both going home, but the chances of you texting them out for a shopping trip is slim to none. If you find yourself marking down the days in your calendar till summer vacation, you might both need to find different people to live with next year.

Have you experienced rooming with your hometown bestie before and it didn’t go as planned? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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