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15 Signs Your Parents Aren’t Ready for You To Leave Home

15 Signs Your Parents Aren’t Ready for You To Leave Home

Even the most independent freshmen in college get homesick. Adjusting to a new place with new people and new academic expectations…that’s a whole lot for anyone to take in! But sometimes, as college students, we forget that our parents miss us too. Here are 15 signs your parents aren’t quite ready for you to leave home!

1. They hug you too long.

Even if you squirm, you know that can’t stop them.

2. They tell you to clean your room…but do it for you anyway.

One day, you’ll learn to do it yourself…


3. They make your favorite comfort foods.

For some reason, they think a hearty meal is really a gesture of love.

4. Their stress levels parallel yours.

Applying to college or interviewing for a job? Chances are that your parents are as nervous as you are.

5. They still wake you up in the morning.

Can’t exactly hit that snooze button if it’s your mom…


6. They invite your friends to be their friends on social media.

Sorry parents, this won’t ever be acceptable!

7. They still try to arrange social activities for you.

Have you seen Stephanie lately? How about Nina?


8. They drop everything for you.

Need a new tooth brush? A letter mailed? They’re on it – guaranteed.

9. They want to ship your entire room with you to college.

No mom, I will not need the green curtains or 8 sets of silverware…

10. Your dad still pushes the “NO BOYS until after you’re married” rule.

No dad, this rule will never make sense.

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11. They cry at anything too ~emosh~

You already know that move-in day will surely mean full blown waterworks.

12. They do all your errands.

Don’t worry, grocery shopping and doing laundry aren’t as scary as they sound.


13. They’re always paranoid.

Honey, you need to be home by 11! Wear a coat or you’ll get sick!

14. They secretly love driving you crazy…

They send those weird adult texts with too many emojis. And those endless dad jokes… *eyeroll*

15. They frequently remind you they love you!

As they should, you’re a great kid.

What are other signs your parents aren’t ready for you to leave home? Comment below for our readers and share this article with friends (or your parents)!
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