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Signs Of Being A Side Chick So You Can GTFO

Signs Of Being A Side Chick So You Can GTFO

Signs you're a side chick are sometimes grey. Dating signs of being a side chick will help determine if you're getting played. Don't be a side chick!

Listen up – dating is complicated and sneaky enough as is for us millennials. No one deserves the mind games that lead to the never-ending second guessing, unanswered confusion and the emotional distress dating causes us. Dating should be, for a lack of a better word, fun! Cushioning, bread crumbing, ghosting, cheating and whatever other bullshit dating schemes people have going on have got to stop. Honestly, does dating even exist anymore? All my friends Netflix and chill or “hang” with dudes who aren’t ballsy enough to ask them out on a proper date. That leads me to another dating term: side chick. Side chick, the other woman, mistress, home wrecker (not always), booty call or whatever the hell you want to call it.

It basically means you are the girl on the side, or a girl on the side (the word “a” makes a big difference; there could be many). There are tell-tale signs you are the side chick in some guys life; meaning, you are not his number one priority. Here are the big signs of being a side chick!

Signs of Being a Side Chick

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They Don’t Spend The Night

Okay, not a big deal. Truthfully, some guys don’t like spending the night and girls you can relate to this too. Sometimes you just want to sleep in your own bed. However, if you’ve been “seeing” one another for over two or three months and they’ve never slept over… it’s a little red flag.

They Never Take You On Proper Date Nights

Netflix and chill is not considered a date. Neither is hanging out with their friends. You all know what’s considered to be a proper date. I would at least hope proper dates happen occasionally. If not, you could have trouble on your hands. It doesn’t necessarily mean you are their side chick, but it could indicate they aren’t into you. Dates don’t have to be costly either so funds aren’t an excuse. There are plenty of free dates around.

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They Are Sketch About The Thing Constantly Attached To Their Hand

This is a big red flag. Again, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re their side chick, but if they are acting sketchy with their phone, they’ve clearly got something to hide.

They Have Limited Time

This could be a sign you’re a side chick. If they are splitting up their time frequently between you and something/someone else, you’ve got a problem. Don’t invest time in someone who isn’t willing to invest time in you.

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