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15 Signs Of A Good First Date That Could Lead To Something Amazing

Are you even more thrilled, excited and nervous towards the end of your first date? Perhaps, your partner is too!

As you kiss goodbye, you want to ask them out again, but the indecisive voice inside your head holds you back. Not to worry! Here are some undeniable signs indicating your first date could lead to something amazing.

First dates could be tough. Wether your friend hooked you with a potential partner or you are meeting someone through a dating app. You do not want your hapiness hormones crashing towards the end of the night.

Here are a few tell-tale signs that could possibly assure you a wonderful ending to your erotic, compassionate date.

The freaky first impression

Smile! Not too much, not too little, just enough!

Or, even easier, just be yourself, the well-mannered you.

Dont worry if your date didn’t start off the way expected. It is probably because you both are just as interested and concerned to not tune out the other from the conversation and the moment.

The ice-breaker

First impressions could be strong and important, but give your partner time to open up. Feel comfortable with yourself first, and then with your partner. Silly, small talks are better than long, awkward silence. As long as the conversation is going and there is a smile on your partner’s face, you’re probably acing it.


What you want to be treated like is exactly how you must treat your partner. As we may all differ in our choices, good gestures are sure to fetch you some brownie points.

Engaging body language

Just as much of a tiny bit this is, body language can be a very strong and effective way of communicating with your partner. The communication without words leaves a deeper impact than saying each thought and emotion out loud.

Was your date slightly leaned forward as your both talked? Or did they eventually start to lounge in their chair?

You can keep your partner engaged and interested with a constant eye contact as you speak.

Fit in the ambiance

Which ever one of you picks the venue, make sure to rock it, not literally.

Be a singer if it be a karaoke night, be a dancer if you at a club, bring out the child in you if at a park, just be yourself.

Did your partner tune in with you? Did they share your happy moments? Well, then there could be many more to come.

Know more about your partner

Be interested in knowing about the life and experiences of your partner. Everyone loves being appreciated and recognized.

Say something little to motivate your partner towards whatever they are currently chasing in life.

Did they seem to care when you spoke about any sensitive part of your life? Did you feel comfortable sharing your emotions?

Be open to new perspectives

Just as we say that the world is becoming a smaller place, the experiences and exposure that people are getting is exceptional. It may very easily be possible that what makes complete sense to you could be completely wrong to your partner.

Instead of stricking the person off your life, considering their thoughts, opinions and reasons would be a wiser option. Keep your mind open to considering new perspectives towards life.

Spice with humour

Just say it, something, anything, break that silence, but dont take the pressure.

“How YOU doin’?,” Joey’s favourite pick up line from Friends or something you created on your own. For none of them really matter anyway. As long as you managed to spark some fun and humour.

Study has proven that not only is humour and laughter the best medicine but also one of the most attractive qualities of a person.

Respect their personal space

Your time is the best gift, the best gesture and the best treatment you can give your partner. 

If your potential better half invested time connecting with you instead of their phones, be glad! There at least is someone who finds you interesting. Make sure it wasn’t because their phone had died.

See Also

Staying longer than expected?

Great sign!

You both seem to be enjoying each other’s company so much you dont realize how long it has been.

Did you feel like you knew your partner from a much longer time? that you connected and adjusted very well? and that they probably were the one?

Probably not to that extent, but chances are, they too were just as much into you, as you were.

Build trust

One of the most crucial aspects of any relationship.

If you intend and wish to see your date again, it probably is a good idea to make yourself trustworthy.

Was there anything other than what is on your partner’s social media profile that they told you about?

Sounds like a good start. Respecting information and things learnt about your partner will help elevate and strengthen your relationship in the longer run.


It is always a good idea to ask your partner out for a short drive to get some dessert.

Getting to spend some quality time together, away from all the noise could work very well in your favour.


A warm goodbye hug or a kiss could be a heads up to a continuity to the bond.

Friend zoned or finally lovers?

Follow-up, you wont know how your date really went unless you try to get it out from your partner. Dont be reluctant to contact them first. What could be better if were to be finally lovers, if not, there is nothing to lose.


Just how all these signs indicate a successful first date, life can sometimes be more adventurous.

Be patient, give and take time. For all you know, your date might have had one of the worst days of their life that morning. Regardless of how much they really would have wanted to please you, a judgement made too quickly could end the best of the things before they even started.

What do you think are some signs of a good first date? Tell us in the comments!

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