10 Signs Not To Date Aries Men

The world of dating can be stressful enough without bringing zodiac signs or astrology into the mix. However, it is something you must take accountability for, in order to have a relationship that prospers. We all know the elements of the zodiac signs; earth, fire, air and water. Aries men fall under the category of fire, and they sure live up to their fiery wrath. Here are 10 signs not to date an Aries man… and possibly set fire to your life. 

1. The “A” In Aries Stands For Arrogant

There is a fine line between being confident and being arrogant, and Aries men play jump rope with line. To be arrogant is to carry yourself in a manner that you are better than those around you. This is a huge red flag when it comes to relationships! Arrogant Aries equals toxic energy to be around. 


2. Aries Men Are Narrow-Minded 

Have you ever heard the expression “My way or the highway”? Aries men should have this tattooed on their foreheads as some sort of warning. Dating someone who is narrow-minded can lead to disagreements over important relationship dealbreakers such as political views. Having an open mind is to have an open heart, which is not something the Aries boys understand the concept of. 

3.  Men Born Under The Fiery Sign Of Aries Have Huge Egos 

It’s important to have confidence, to some degree, but no one is fond of a man who is egotistical. Yet another red flag the Aries man proudly waves… an egotistical, god-like complex. Aries men will flaunt you like a toy to impress their friends and inflate their ego to the max. Beware of having your emotions toyed with when it comes to Aries men… literally. A relationship with your partner should be 50/50, you both put equal energy and love into each other’s lives. Aries men will sit back with their feet up and expect you to be head over heels for them. This is yucky. No thank you! 


4. Being Short-Tempered Is A Hobby To Aries Men

Constant road rage, the quick snap at the fast-food workers or the yank on the dogs leash… sound like a good time? Being short-tempered is second nature to Aries men, who seem to snap at everyone and everything. This short-tempered actions can be quite embarrassing in public or even in private moments when trying to have a civil conversation. Aries men need to collectively take a yoga class to chill out! 


5. Prepare To Act Like A Mother… Aries Men Are Big Babies

You’re in a relationship, not taking care of a child… but it’ll sure feel like it whilst dating an Aries man. Running from the kitchen to the laundry room, the Aries man will treat you like his mother. It’s almost like they never grew up! Coddling in such a nature is a red flag in relationships. It’s important to be aware of the line of being kind and loving and getting used and sucked dry of your generosity. From the constant desire for praise or the endless want to be waited on, your hands will be tied behind your back from exhaustion. Not cute! 

6. Lack Of Stability In Your Relationship   

A big personality trait in Aries men is extreme impulsiveness. To be impulsive is to make rash decisions without a second thought. Impulsiveness can be fun to some extent, for example having breakfast for dinner or dying your hair on a limb, a random color you’ve never done before. However, there is a flip side to this impulsiveness, and it’s rather negative. Impulsiveness with money and drastic career choices are just a few examples of Aries impulsiveness that could get your partner,(and you), in some trouble. This leads to a lack of stability and can make your relationship feel as if your trying to walk on a rocky boat. Feeling seasick yet?


7.  Selfishness Will Be Present In Your Relationship   

Selfishness is a trait made for little kids playing in the sandbox who don’t know any better! Sadly, we already know Aries men act like big babies, so hopefully, this won’t come as a shocker to most of you. Everyone desires a loving, wholesome relationship, not a snarky man with selfish tendencies. Being around selfish energy is draining mentally and physically. Not sharing things with you and putting their wants and needs before yours, screams toxic. Unless selfish men are your vibe, I’d stay far away from any Aries man. 

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8.  Everything Will Be A Competition   

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition. It’s good to get your creative juices flowing. But Aries men make everything they do a competition. From who makes more money to who tells the funniest jokes, Aries men will ruin your day and relationship with this mean spirited energy. 


9. Honesty Isn’t Always Key 

No one likes a liar. Lying ultimately will get you in trouble one way or another. There is a difference of saving someone’s feelings and telling a full-blown lie. Aries men (shocker) don’t know the difference. Having a bad hair day? Not wearing a shirt they like? Any Aries man is quick on their feet to tell you how they are truly feeling. Honesty to the point where it’s hurtful. Let me tell you the truth, dealing with this isn’t worth it. 

10. Did Someone Say Jealousy? 

Jealousy is normally a mean girls best friend. Not in this case! Jealousy is always on the top of any Aries mans tongue. To be jealous is a natural human reaction, we all have our moments. However, the Aries man will make it very clear when he’s feeling jealous… and it won’t be pretty. Jealousy can turn into controlling behaviors quickly with Aries, which is a, you guessed it—red flag. Avoid jealousy in relationships by making it very clear what you need and how your feeling. Communication is key. Aries men, take notes! 


Overall, this should be a clear red flag for you to stay clear from Aries men. Unless you like toxic, then full speed ahead. What is your least favorite zodiac sign? I think you know mine!