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20 Signs You Went To Lake Orion High School

20 Signs You Went To Lake Orion High School

You know you went to Lake Orion High School when Wednesdays were half days, the side staircase was untouched and being a Dragon makes you proud.

Whether you were counting down the days until graduation or you loved every second of it, being a Dragon was a crazy ride. Here are 20 signs you went to Lake Orion High School.

1. Late Start Wednesdays were the best day of the week at Lake Orion High School.

Most people dread Wednesdays but at Lake Orion they were idolized; school didn’t start until 9:45 A.M. and classes were shortened. Whether you used the extra time to sleep in, catch up on homework or go out to breakfast with friends, late start made going to school just a little bit more bearable.

2. Getting a hero was the most annoying thing ever.

I’m sure getting heroed made you roll your eyes and walk to the office to get your pass as slow as possible just to annoy your teacher even more. 200-1


3. The Special Needs Basketball game gave you chills every year.

4. You refreshed twitter every minute waiting for Marion to call a snow day.

When your alarm went off in the morning you immediately went on Twitter and checked to see if we had a snow day.

5. The parking lot after school gave you major anxiety.

You had three choices: run to your car and beat the traffic, sit in traffic for thirty minutes or wait it out at your locker. Sitting in the traffic meant dealing with crazy drivers who cut you off and possibly a few fender benders during your high school driving career. 200


6. At some point you realized the Gandhi quote in the lunch room spelled Gandhi wrong.

Lake Orion High School managed to spell Gandhi wrong and still kept the sign up after students pointed it out. Safe to say it made it made its way around Twitter and won’t be forgotten if it ever gets taken down.

7. Friday night football themes were taken very seriously.

It is a known fact that you wear the theme picked by leadership to the football game for that week. The painted up boys took each theme to a new level and helped make our student section better than every other school!


8. You religiously bought school store cookies.

5 words: these cookies are life changing.

9. Instantly getting excited when the marching band played after school ended on football Fridays.

Our football team wasn’t always the best but the marching band never failed to build up excitement for the game.


10. Powderpuff was easily one of the best days of the year.

Powderpuff showed you sides of girls you had never seen before. It was a battle between the juniors and the seniors. It brought us all closer together and made us girls a family.

11. Despite the main staircase being a deathtrap you still refused to use the side staircases.

Fun fact: I managed to make it four years without tripping down those stairs.

12. Bdubs. Just Bdubs.

Celebrating a football win? Bdubs. Hungry after a long day at school? Bdubs. Want the best wings ever? Go to Bdubs. Buffalo Wild Wings is perfect for every occasion, especially when its only a few miles down the road.


13. You always wondered why the parking lot never got plowed when it snowed.

$60 parking passes and it never got plowed. Then when the snow melted you could see how horrendous your parking job was.

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14. You always wore your parka in the science wing during the winter because it was so cold.

If you wanted to avoid hypothermia you would wear your parka with about 5 layers underneath. Even with all that, you would still find yourself shivering and questioning why the heat just didn’t seem to work in the science wing.


15. Water Wars made you actually go insane.

Its all fun and games until you have to wait outside someones house for 3 hours only to realize they aren’t home.

16. Star class felt like the biggest waste of your time.

Star class had literally no purpose and always confused me. It shortened the rest of our classes though so I wasn’t complaining. 200-1

17. You came to school no matter what fourth quarter of senior year so you didn’t have to take exams.

Taking exams at the end of senior year. Umm no thank you. Not being able to miss more than three days of school seemed a little extreme but I’m sure you stuck to the rule because no one wants to take exams.


18. Freshman year you didn’t understand why the seniors looked over the rail during passing time.

It also probably made you super uncomfortable having to walk down the main stair case while they all watched you.

19. You rushed to the auditorium lobby anytime leadership brought in street-relieving dogs.

I’m not sure if the dogs helped with stress but they were always super cute!!


20. You will never stop being a Dragon.

Even though our time at Lake Orion is over, we will never forget the four years we spent there. Regardless of the ups and downs, we will always be Dragons!!Unknown

Do you have any other signs you went to Lake Orion High School!? Share in the comments below!
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