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Signs It’s Time To Pull The Plug On That Relationship

Signs It’s Time To Pull The Plug On That Relationship

Coming to the end of a committed relationship can be a hard thing to accept for most people. The feelings of love may still be there, you may still be fond of the memories the two of you share, but at the end of the day, the connection between one another just isn’t the same as it once was before. It’s a numbing process to go through in your mind, and a painful conversation to break down with your soon-to-be ex lover.

Your heart might be fighting for the things you still feel, but your brain may be fighting for the reality that you’re coming to know. If you’re struggling to identify the red flags, here are some key signs that it’s time to pull the plug and end the relationship.

Arguments Are At An All-Time High

Arguments are bound to happen in any committed relationship, but when they begin to pop off at alarming rates or on a more consistent basis, it might be time to end the relationship.

Arguments happen when you’re at a disagreement with your significant other, and more arguments can only mean that more differences are coming to light the longer the relationship lasts. It shows that more differences are between the two of you than you initially thought.

If you and your significant other are arguing too much, there’s just too many differences and disagreement between how each of your minds work. Pull the plug if this is the case.

Signs It’s Time To Pull The Plug On That Relationship

They Haven’t Changed Their Ways

You want your partner to be more accountable and responsible. You want them to grow out of their childish ways and be mature. You want them to respect you and not be so friendly with others. You’ve talked to them about things that dig at you, but they have yet to show any real desire to change, or have even worsened.

Just pull the plug. Please.

Most relationships take tweaks and compromises to certain behaviors to flourish and really allow partners to reach full compatibility.  When one side doesn’t show a willingness or care to change certain things about them, do they really care about the relationship?

You Have Urges To Talk To Others

If you’ve been driven to this point by your significant other, you should have been gone long ago.

If you have these urges early on in the relationship, what’s the point of being in one in the first place?

You get into a committed relationship because out of everybody in the world, you saw this particular person as somebody special to you. If you’re going to be talking to others behind their back, just end the relationship or never even start it if you know your intentions. Cheating isn’t at all fair to someone you say you love!

Signs It’s Time To Pull The Plug On That Relationship

They’re Constantly Selfish

A committed relationship is about loving your significant other more than the self. Its about putting their well being first when making certain decisions. Its about making sure they’re your top priority.

When your partner only thinks about how things are going to affect him in the long run, over and over and over, that is a big red flag. Someone that can only think about themselves and how they’ll thrive isn’t ready for the responsibilities of being in a long term partnership.

Sometimes choices are made with the thought of their own benefit, as long as how it will impact the relationship as a whole is largely considered. If its a constant “I’m doing this for me” while you as their partner have little to no say, it’s time to end the relationship!

They’re Abusive

Listen, if your partner is physically abusive toward you, end the relationship immediately. There’s no excuse for them to inflict physical harm on somebody they claim to love, period.

If they’re mentally abusive, you should get out of there as soon as possible. Partners are supposed to uplift and support each other to the fullest, and if they’re making efforts to put you down and destroy your way of thinking, make you feel insecure, or blame you for downfalls in the relationship, remove yourself swiftly.

If they’re emotionally abusing you, you need to get out of there quick, fast and in a hurry. Your lover should be your save haven, your place of comfort. If they’re making efforts to tear you down emotionally, making you feel guilty, force you into isolation, or manipulate you into staying with them, do yourself a huge favor and yank that plug out.

You’ll feel so relieved to get out of that torture chamber.

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Signs It’s Time To Pull The Plug On That Relationship

You Need Help Just To Stand Them

If you need additional support just to be able to enjoy your significant other’s presence, it’s a sure sign that the plug needs to be pulled on your relationship.

Feeling the need to use recreational drugs like marijuana or drink alcohol just to be on a level where you can feel happy around them means there’s no need to be in that relationship. If you need to be in a social setting because you can’t stand being alone with your partner for extended periods of time, that too is a sign that you should end the relationship.

If you need help to be with them, then you need out. It’s that simple.

You Just Aren’t Happy Around Them Anymore

When you come back from a long day of work or an extensive string of classes, you should be excited to link up with your significant other again to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

If you’re no longer feeling the same thrill from seeing them after a long day, and you feel your times with them have become dull or repetitive, or you’re just genuinely unhappy, its just about time you end the relationship.

Your significant other should always be bringing joy to your life whenever you’re in their presence, not boredom!

Signs It’s Time To Pull The Plug On That Relationship

If you’ve noticed your partner or yourself falling into any of these categories, it may be time to consider putting an end to the relationship. Getting yourself away from toxic behavior or admitting to your own can make the lives of you and your partner much healthier, even though it may hurt to pull the plug on your love.

What are other reasons that you should end a relationship for? Let us see them in the comment section!

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