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10 Signs It’s Time To End Your Relationship

10 Signs It’s Time To End Your Relationship

These are so many signs it's time to end your relationship. We've put together a list of the things that may be telling you it's time to breakup.

Ending a relationship is always a painful thing to do, but at times it’s something that is a necessity. putting an end to a relationship that is toxic or heading nowhere will save you a lot of time and grief further down the road. Being in love with someone and being in a relationship can sometimes occlude you from seeing the flaws that point to separation. Here’s my list of ten signs that indicate it’s time to end your relationship; take the first step to opening up yourself to the right kind of love in the future.

1. When you see no future

A relationship that has no future is probably headed nowhere. If you are looking to build a future with your other half, then being able to realistically build a future together a must. If the relationship struggles with a clear futures because what you both want are too different or the two of you just aren’t committed enough to reconcile a shared future, it means it probably times to end the relationship.

2. When you don’t make time

Spending quality time together is the key to building a long lasting relationship, and wanting to spend time with the person you are dating tends to be a good sign. But if you find yourself reluctant to make time, or inclined to prioritise other things in your life, it is probably a sign that you aren’t that into the person you are dating. If spending time with them is something you are unwilling to do, then it’s probably time to end your relationship.

10 Signs It's Time To End Your Relationship

3. When you dislike a personal habit

Being in a serious and committed relationship means building a life together, so that means if the person you’re dating has a personal habit that makes you uncomfortable, you should consider ending the relationship. Whether it’s smoking, doing drugs, or having friends that don’t sit right with you, it’s worth considering if you would put up with that and be comfortable living with it. If your answer is no, it’s a sign to end your relationship.

4. When you find yourself interested in others

Staying loyal is yet another key factor in a serious relationship. But if you find yourself more interested in the attention of  others than your loved one, then it’s probably a good bet that you’re not that into who you’re dating. If you find yourself flirting back with those who offer to buy you a drink, or saying hi to that mysterious stranger you always pass on your morning jog, you should probably consider your relationship status and decide whether it should be changed.

5. When conversation is dead

Open communications about all things is an integral part of a steady relationship, and having conversations with your significant other about all things big and small should be a regular part of your day. But if conversation is dead, it means that problems aren’t resolved and feelings can’t be communicated. But if you find your relationship stuck in a place where conversation is dead, it might be time to consider ending your relationship.

6. When one of you cheats

Cheating is a surefire sign to know if it’s time to end your relationship. If you find yourself cheating, or discover your other half cheating, it’s a good bet that either you or your other half is not committed enough to the relationship. If neither of you are able to stay faithful, it is a good bet that your relationship needs to end so that you guys can pursue other people that are more important.

10 Signs It's Time To End Your Relationship

7. When they feel like a burden

If spending time with your other half feels more like a burden than a treat, it is a definite sign that it’s time to end your relationship. A working relationship means finding comfort, trust, and love in the other person, and spending time with them should be a relief rather than an added burden. But if you find yourself resenting your other half for becoming your stress and burden, it’s time to end your relationship.

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8. When you refuse to make an effort

If making time to call your other half, going to see a movie with them, cooking a meal for them, or just taking the time to check in on them seems like too much effort for you to make, it’s probably the idea. A serious relationship that will last requires you to make the effort to give your significant other the attention and for them to do the same. But the key to this is mutual dedication, and if one of you is unwilling to make the effort, it’s a sign for the relationship to end.

9. When you lie

Honesty is key to building trust in a relationship. If you find yourself unable to keep yourself truthful to your other half, there is little chance for your relationship to thrive. Lying about where you were and who you were with, or swallowing your feelings just to keep from having an argument is a surefire way to a problematic relationship, so if you find yourself lying, chances are you should end it.

10 Signs It's Time To End Your Relationship

10. When you stop arguing

This might appear to be a strange one, but a relationship is truly dead when neither of you even bother to put in the effort to argue anymore. Willing to disagree and argue about something is actually a sign that both of you still care, but once discussion and conversation has stopped completely, that’s when you should consider ending your relationship.

What do you think are some signs it’s time to end your relationship? Tell us in the comments!
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