10 Signs It’s Time To Dump That Fuckboy

If you're unhappy with your relationship, there's a good chance it's because your boyfriend is disappointing you. If he's been an extra jerk lately, here are signs that it's time to dump that fuckboy, because that's exactly what he is.

Psychologists have conducted various surveys and studies to understand human’s behavior, but there is no scientific proven study that would help you identify if you’re dating a fuckboy. If you want to recognize that your boyfriend is a fuckboy or not then you should continue reading. These signs may not be 100% accurate but it will give you a brief idea to know if it’s time to dump that fuckboy.

1. He changes with the time

There is no instant way to know that your date is a fuckboy since people create an illusion of being the politest person ever on their first date. But people change over the time and start to show their real face. And, this is the simplest sign a fuckboy would show, right?

If he acts and talks like a totally different person after 2-3 months of dating then definitely something is wrong with him or you (that I hope is not the case).

2. Behaves as nothing happened

If he argues with you and stops replying to your texts frequently then you should be worried about your relationship because he is certainly not interested anymore.
Yes, every couple has issues but if it happens like thrice a week then you better keep an eye on your boyfriend.

Even if there is an issue, he should talk with you to sort the problem and try to find a solution, but if he doesn’t do that then he is just another fuckboy who is bored of you.

3. Makes You Feel Insecure

There are men who try to make you feel insecure on purpose for some odd reason. Like showing you pictures of fitness models on Instagram and other social medias.

10 Signs It's Time To Dump That Fuckboy

If your boyfriend makes you feel insecure then you’re better off without this relationship and being single. He is just a fuck boy who gets attracted to all the girls having nice bodies.

4. He is always the last-minute guy

If you face situations where you receive a call from him, at the last minute, for delaying your romantic get-together schedules, then there is something wrong.

Once or twice is fine but if it happens frequently then unfortunately you are his side piece chick…he doesn’t care about your feelings. There is a saying, “a side chick will never become the main chick.”

5. Compares You With Other Girls

It usually happens with the guys but fuck boys commonly compare their girls with others. Complimenting others once a while is all fine. However, if he keeps on complimenting other girls for their physical appearance & compares them with you, then there is a problem.

10 Signs It's Time To Dump That Fuckboy

If your boyfriend does the same thing – compares your body with other girls then you should know that he is a fuck boy.

6. They ask you to be someone else

Have you ever heard of fetish? It is the most common thing, which I have personally noticed in few of my friends. There’s always one guy who asks their date or girlfriend to pretend to be someone else.

10 Signs It's Time To Dump That Fuckboy

If he asks you to be someone else like changing your outfit style, use makeup or get along with the stupid trends then you should probably understand that he is an obsessed person which is a common attributes of fuck boys.

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7. He is on every Other Popular dating site

Fuck boys usually sign up on all the popular dating websites they can to stalk other girls and get hooked up. So, I would recommend you to check his smartphone for Tinder and other similar dating applications.

10 Signs It's Time To Dump That Fuckboy

If you find him on Tinder or any adult dating website then it’s about time that you confront him. Come on, if your boyfriend is on Tinder then he is for sure checking out other girls.

8. His Friends Don’t Recognize you

If you recently got into the relationship and you’re still a mystery to his close friends, then he is probably not serious about you. Men usually open up to their close friends and express their feelings to their buddies. When you meet your date’s friends, they should recognize you and make you feel comfortable.

If this is not happening, then there is something wrong! If your date’s friends have a confused look on their faces then your guy is probably dating someone else at the same time. So, if it’s almost a month and his buddies don’t know who you are then you better be careful.

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9. Talks but doesn’t like to Listen

You must have noticed that few people don’t like to listen others, but they talk a lot, ever wondered, why? The answer is simple, they don’t care enough about someone’s opinion.

If your boyfriend does the same thing, he doesn’t listen to you and ignores those lovely understanding conversations then he doesn’t care enough about you (unless you’re really annoying yourself).

10. Stares at Every Girl

If a girl passes by, and you catch him staring at that girl, figure out where his gaze is set. A gentleman might look at her face or eyes for a few seconds and not stare at private parts…

10 Signs It's Time To Dump That Fuckboy

Fuck boys usually look at those front and back-end cheeks, If you know what I mean. If your boyfriend looks at another girl for a second or two then it shouldn’t be a problem but if he is gawking at her…that’s a sign you should dump that fuckboy.

Is it time to dump that fuckboy in your life? Tag him below!
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