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20 Signs It’s Definitely Summer In Chicago

20 Signs It’s Definitely Summer In Chicago

Time to throw off the 5,000 layers of clothing and crack open a cold one under the blazing sun. Here are 20 signs that it's definitely summer in Chicago.

The time has officially come. The time to throw off the 5,000 layers of clothing that kept you only semi-warm during the freezing winter and windy spring time. A marvelous time for you to kick back and crack open a cold one with the boys under the blazing sun. To put it in the words of Troy Bolton, IT’S SUMMER TIME!! Here are 20 signs that it’s definitely summer in Chicago.

1. The famous green river.

This is a bit of a stretch seeing that the Chicago River is dyed in March, but this stunning tradition still remains a sign that better, warmer daysΒ are coming.

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2. The “What day is it again?” syndrome.

Wake up. Eat. Maybe use the bathroom. Eat again. Perhaps sleep again. Repeat x4. Get a call from your mother that you missed your father’s birthday. It can become a problem when your worries fade away with summer and you forget what time/day it is pretty much all the time.

3. Parks and movies.

On top of the amazing summer scenery, you can most likely catch a movie playing in any given park in the city.


4. Tourist central.

You go to a coffee shop- there are tourists. Go to a park-tourists. Look at the bean- it’s a cult of tourists.


5. OMG, did you go to Lollapalooza?

You’re not cool unless you go to one of the many music festivals based in Chicago during the summerΒ time.




Every dang place you go, BASEBALL. I mean I’m not complaining. Whether you’re a Sox or a Cub fan, you know that Chicago does baseball best.

7. To eat or not to eat this donut, that is the question.

Do I want a summer body and wash board abs? I think this sexy donut is much better than any sexy body will ever be.


8. “Gurrrrrrrl we have to hang out!”

Summer also means running into old friends you haven’t seen in ages, which leads to the awkward, “we have to get together!” conversation is bound to happen- even though you know that’s not going to happen.


9. Getting those fresh products from your local farmers market.

Fresh Fruit, amazing vegetables. The local farmers markets around the city brighten up the summer.

10. The sad truth. Shaving.

Why is this a social norm. Let the hair reign free.


11. The AMAZING weather. It’s truly inspiring.

Summer means sunny days with that perfect amount of breeze from the windy city to cool you off. Nothing will top Chicago weather.



This is self explanitory.

13. Having the pleasure of biking through downtown Chicago.

It’s always nice to take a calming bike ride with your friends past the beautiful beaches or tall buildings.


14. Ice cream. Hot dogs. Smoothies. Heaven.

Other city’s meat sticks and creamy goodies cannot begin to compare to the amazing treats of Chicago. πŸ˜‰

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15. It’s not fourth of July but there are still fireworks in the sky.

One of the amazing things about this city is that it doesn’t have to be the 4th of July to provideΒ giant explosions in the sky. During the summer look up at the night sky to catch some awesome fireworks.



16. Late nights city Lights.

Those amazing summer nights where you can walk around with your loved ones and take in the lights that seem to brighten the entire city.

17. Incoming freshmen and graduating seniors.

Summer means those who have spent years upon yearsΒ working towards that college degree they always dreamed ofΒ have finally graduated and made there way into the ‘real world’. This also means hundreds of new meat moving to Chicago to attend an amazing Chicago college or University to begin their long journey of education.


18. I’m coming for you my beaches!

No matter where you are in the city, there is a beach at least 10 miles away. Where before, jumping into the water meant death by hypothermia, the amazing summer weather transformed the sandy beaches into a stunning place where you can unwind and relax as much as you want.


19. Waiting for theΒ Chicago L is 200 times moreΒ unbearable with the blazing sun.

This applies to anywhere really. For some reason the crowdedness of Chicago didn’t really bother you until you are pressed up against a random peoples butts while the 1100293 degree weather overheats everything.

20. Last but not least, PRIDE!!!

Chicago pride is the absolute BEST. Every corner you turn there are gay pride flags flying in the wind flaunting that pride! You can attend the festival or just stand by watching the amazing parade! No matter what, you end up celebrating a wonderful thing in a wonderful city. #TeamShea


Have a wonderfully windy summer! πŸ˜€

Are you excited for summer in Chicago? Share some other signs in the comments below!
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