10 Signs You Went To International School In Hong Kong

If you went to an international school in Hong Kong, these ten signs will remind you of your experience. Check out these ten signs.

If you went to an international school in Hong Kong, these ten signs will ring true for you. Check out these ten tell tale signs you were one of those students:

1. The anxiety of having scaffolds fall on your head while walking across school.

It was almost as stressful as taking the IB exams. 

2. You wouldn’t be surprised to find a fingernail in your muffin from the Island Cafe.

3. You literally had friends from every corner of the globe.

4. You adopted an accent that was not British but not American either.

Otherwise known as a ‘Hong Kongeese’ accent.

5. Your last day of high school consisted of climbing a golden dragon in the middle of Happy Valley in hopes of not making it to the South China Morning Post.

6. You low-key snuck food into the library.

You put it under your shirt while simultaneously trying to sneak chargers upstairs praying Chris wouldn’t call you out. Multitasking is a challenge!

7. You took part in your first cat-fight while attempting to get on bus number 9 after school.

8. You had to dress like an Eskimo during exam season because the school hall was freezing.

9. You were so excited to have no uniform in year 12 and 13.

Regardless, you wore sweats and leggings to school every day. After awhile, the hype died down. 

10. Lastly, you had the best high school experience anyone could ever ask for!

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Can you think of any other signs that prove you went to international school in Hong Kong? Comment below!
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