20 Signs Your Instagram Game Is Travel Trendy

Let’s face it, we all love scrolling through our Instagram feed when we have spare time. Because we are considered the ‘pioneers’ of social media, critics label our generation with phrases such as, “materialistic, self-obsessed, and entitled.” However, we only appear this way because we want to escape our boring, routine lives; free ourselves of the pressure to be perfect 24/7. We don’t want to constantly think about global politics or social issues that never seem to get resolved. Instead, we chose to have a positive outlook.

One way is with our mentality and desire be free. We millennials lead adventurous lifestyles that defy the world in which were raised. Famous Instagrammers Jay Alverez, Alexis Ren, Murad Osmann, and Kiersten Rich have shaped our entire generation’s perspective on travel, adventure, and overall good vibes. In each post these ‘gramers show us how to are enjoy ourselves, despite the many negative things happening in the world around. They exemplify a way to live seeing the glass half full. In order to make a difference in the world, sometimes the greatest impact we can have is through our own actions (in this case our photos). It is for this reason the ‘Instagram travel trend’ has shaped our generation. We all want to make a change.

So, here are 20 signs your Instagram is ‘travel trendy’ and you are already in the process of leaving YOUR mark on the world.

1. Bod Shot 

This is the key to having a successful travel gram album. If taken at the beginning of a vacation, it not only shows your followers you’re having a good time at an exotic location, it entices them to keep an eye on your media for other adventurous posts yet to come.

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wanna be your vision

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2. Artsy airplane window

Another mysterious way to let your followers know you’re en route! If taken without any location or caption it also serves as a platform for other posts on social media…aka people will be more inclined to check your feed if you keep them on their toes. (More attention = more likes).

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Flying over the clowds… #sunset #red #clowds #airplane

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3. Rear view with picturesque background

This is an artsy way to show your followers you are on the move, and – yet again –  they should expect more travel trendy posts to come.

4. On the go Go-Pro pic

This is one of the most useful innovations for travel ‘gramers, it allows them to not only capture/record their adventures, but also snap the perfect angle/action shot for grams later. Hey, at least you snagged a pic of your zip-lining excitement grin right before the boat driver dunked you in the water.

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 5. Drink = happiness pic

Admit it, when we see people we follow with a drink in hand, while we procrastinate work at our desks by glancing at our phones, we are a little jealous.

6. Food porn pic

Food also makes us jealous, especially when we see a pic of some pasta with the location tagged in Florence, Italy.

7. We’re all having a good time

This lets people know we’re actually having the best time of our lives doing awesome things with even more awesome people. We’re cool, and you should be more than a little jealous of our vacation. 

8. Wideview Landscape Photo

This is purely just to capture the beauty (as best as an iPhone camera allows).

9. Tagged Location

A Versailles tagged location is guaranteed 100+ likes, after all, it is a palace!

10. Architectural Image

This is to credit the exotic artsy-ness of other cultures, we aren’t the only artsy generation.

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read a book

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11. Hipster Pic

Nothing says “good vibes” like a skateboard pic with palm trees in the background setting of California.

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Show that ass girl 😜

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12. Selfie

 Yes, my tan is coming out great – thanks to the Tuscan sun!

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13. Yoga Serenity

Yep, we like to relax on vacation and totally revive ourselves of the everyday stress you’re currently amidst while viewing this photo.

14. J-chillin Tanning/Hammock Pic

Sleep is reviving too, in case you were wondering.

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Reflect and recharge 📍❤️🍒

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15. Exploring the real culture, doing the “non-touristy” thing

Part of adventure is going out of your element, and if that means trying drinks from a local street vendor in Spain then so be it, I’ll try new drinks or things. Same difference right?

16. Sunset

Sunsets are always better with an ocean view, it’s a given.

17. Beach View

The beach is cool during the daytime too, waaaaay better than the ones at home.

18. Exotic Animals

Yeah, we just got sprayed by an elephant. That parrot was sick too! How many of you have even been close to either of these animals outside of a zoo?

19. “This is where I’m staying for the next few days” Instagram Pic

Yes, this hotel with the balcony view overlooking the ocean tops any view you have at home, especially the one from your iPhone screen.


20. These are the people I love to adventure with pic

We had a great trip and we def know how to make the most of every moment. Stay tuned and watch us pro’s show you more ways our ‘graming game is travel trendy on our next vacation!

20 Signs Your Instagram Game Is Travel Trendy
Can you think of any more ways to make your Instagram trendy!? Comment below!
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