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20 Signs You’re An Incoming Freshman

20 Signs You’re An Incoming Freshman

20 Signs You’re An Incoming Freshman

We all know one of the most intimidating and scariest feelings: entering college for the first time. You’re bound to make a few mistakes along the way, until you learn the ropes. From learning and growing as a person, to experiencing independence and a new world, these are all situations that are doomed to happen. I, myself am an incoming freshman and can for sure abide by these 20 signs!

1. You swear you and your roommate will be inseparable.

It’s move-in day and your eager freshman-self rushes past the door to see who lies behind it. Yes, it is likely that for the first couple of weeks the two of you will become close- until you realize that there are other people out there who could be totally “friend-worthy” material.

20 Signs You’re An Incoming Freshman

2. College Apparel.

Here it is. The summer before your first semester of college and you’re stacking up on your college’s gear. From shirts to tanks, pants to shorts, and sneaker to socks, you’ve got it all. But seriously, try losing the socks, it may just be a bit too much.

3. The Lanyard.

In reference to number 2, is the lanyard. We all know it, the music of keys jingling down the campus sidewalks accompanied by your student ID card. Don’t worry too much, it’s basically a rite of passage.

4. Packing your life back at home.

You unpack that one last box, take a step back, and realize you’ve made a huge mistake. Maybe you didn’t need to bring all 15 stuffed animals.

20 Signs You’re An Incoming Freshman

5. You get lost- everywhere!

From high school to college, there’s a huge change in size. As the map covers the entirety of your scared face, you periodically look up to see if there may be a friendly face you can ask for directions. It’s cool as long as you aren’t that one kid who walks into every class late!

6.  You eventually realize you hate meal plans.

At first, you’re so excited to have unlimited meals, especially for those binge eating nights. That is, until you realize you can only eat mac n’ cheese and pizza so many times.

7. The dreaded “Freshman 15”.

You’ve heard it from almost everyone. That one scary rumor that is “bound to happen”. We all know it’s true, because you’ll catch freshman ditching the dessert bar for some gym time.

8. Planned outfits.

You carefully coordinate ALL of your outfits. Not just for walking around campus and going to classes, but for tailgates, games, meetings, and going out with friends. On a separate note, don’t stress too much, enjoy your time!

9. Tailgate: YES. Game: maybe?

As a freshman, one of the best experiences are the tailgates. Also, they are primarily the reasons we go out during game days.

10. An endless supply of cup noodles.

You can only eat the same dining hall food so many times. You eventually get to the point where you have stacks of easy bake mac n’ cheese and microwave cup noodles. Yummy, right? Not to mention the fact you’re too embarrassed to go to the dining hall alone because all of your friends already ate.

20 Signs You’re An Incoming Freshman

11. You reminisce back to when your mom would do your laundry.

You start to empty your first load of clothes, only to find your white clothes now pink because after all, you didn’t have the responsibility to do your own laundry back home. Welcome to the real world!

12. You attend every event.

Eager to meet new people and make some friends along the way, you’re basically a “yes man.” You find yourself saying ‘yes’ to every invitation you get.

13. Old school clothes.

One tell-all sign that gives away your freshman status is the old, raggedy club or sport t-shirt from high school you may break out once in awhile. There’s nothing wrong with that, right?

14. Plague Warning: Stay Away!!

By sharing rooms, bathrooms, study halls, clothes, food and basically everything else with the people on your floor, its destined that you catch something from someone. And once one person gets it, we all do. So here’s a little tip, make sure you have plenty of Emergen-C on hand!

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20 Signs You’re An Incoming Freshman

15. Those forced yet awkward conversations.

“So..what’s your major?” Expect not only to be asked this a lot, but to say it just as much. It’s essentially every freshman’s icebreaker.

16. That “look”.

You walk out the doors of your first few days of classes, and all you feel at this point is a ball of stress forming. We know this, because we all feel it. Just wait until those unfortunate pop quizzes!

17. Going to sleep at 3 AM every night.

In regards to number 16, are the bags that start to form under your eyes due to a full night of studying and zero sleep. Not to worry, it’s the newest fashion trend, and every college student is destined to have them.

18. Unexpected weekend trips.

No, it’s not what you’re thinking. Not one of those spur of the moment trips with your girlfriends to a hot, new beach spot- but exactly the opposite. Yes, spur of the moment, back to your hometown. That homesick feeling you’ve been having was just too much to handle!

19. Unscathed liver.

You have no alcohol preference, and you’re pretty sure you don’t even know the difference. You consume cheap vodka in limitless amounts that you deeply regret the next morning.

20 Signs You’re An Incoming Freshman

20. Early risers.

You made the mistake of picking 8 AM classes on your schedule. Now, you’re done with your classes only halfway through the day.

If any of these happened to you, congratulations! You’re officially a college freshman.

What are some other signs you are an incoming freshman? Let us know down below!
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