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20 Signs He’s Not That Into You

20 Signs He’s Not That Into You

He's not that into you, and here's why. Don't waste any more time on guys who aren't that into you.

If the guy you’re dating at the moment is any or a combination of the following, do yourself a favor now – RUN!  Here are some red flags to look for that indicates he’s not really that into you.

1. He ditches you constantly because he’s not that into you.

He continuously cancels plans. If he’s constantly bailing your plans, he’s probably doing it for a reason. And he has quite the extensive collection of excuses up his sleeve.

2. He rarely initiates contact.

You are the one who’s consistently reaching out to him first. If you don’t initiate a conversion, you likely won’t even hear from him that day.


3. He’s quiet around you because he’s not that into you.

And when you do reach out to him, his responses are always super short. One word responses are sort of his thing. His communication skills are close to nonexistent.

4. He ignores your calls.

He barely answers his phone when you call, but when you are together it’s glued to him.

5. He doesn’t call you his girlfriend in conversation.

When mentioning your presence in a casual conversation he avoids using the term girlfriend.


He's not that into you

6. He hides you from his family members and friends.

He doesn’t want you to meet anyone because he doesn’t know what to label you as. You aren’t his girlfriend, but using the term “bang buddy” sounds a bit harsh.

7. He avoids having “the talk” because he’s not that into you.

He will totally flip if you even think about initiating that conversation with him. If you even mention the word relationship, he immediately goes into panic mode.


8. It’s always you that goes the extra mile.

You are constantly going above and beyond to please him but get from him nothing in return.

9. He’s incredible at apologizing and making excuses.

He knows exactly what to say, when to say it, and how to say it. He’s quite the smooth talker and charmer. He can weasel his way out of just about anything. He knows exactly what he’s doing and he does it well.

10. Your friends think he’s useless and treats you like sh*t.

Your friends can see through his egotistical ways, and they hate him. They think you can do way better than him. (And, they’re right, you totally can.)


11. He confuses you because he’s not that into you.

You’re confused 99 perfect of the time because he is horrible at expressing his feelings. He confuses the crap out of you and he enjoys every second of it.

12. He always seems to be “busy” or doing something else.

He always seems to be doing other things when you ask him to hang out.

He's not that into you


13. He doesn’t take you out in public.

He likes to hang with you at home and at home only. He doesn’t bring you on dates or out to do fun activities together that involve going out in public.

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14. He makes you wait around constantly because he’s not that into you.

You feel like you’re always desperately waiting around for this guy, at his beck and call.


15. He only texts you when he’s drunk.

He’s guilty of using the drunken midnight booty call method in order to grab your attention. And the worst part of that is, you fall for it every time.

16. He lacks communication skills.

He only communicates with you through snapchat and/or other various social media platforms. And that’s because those conversations automatically delete themselves. Enough said.

17. He puts in little to no effort what so ever.

His level of effort is extremely minimal, if even anything at all. But, he puts in the very bare minimum just so that he keeps you wrapped around his finger.


18. He’s “perpetually single.”

He says things like “I’m not looking for anything serious right now” or “I don’t want a relationship at the moment”. And that is because he wants you when he wants you, and that’s it. He wants his cake and to eat it, too.

19. He hides his phone from you because he’s not that into you.

When you look over at him texting away he’s eyeing you to make sure you’re not watching him. He’ll slowly move his screen the opposite way so you can’t see him texting a bunch of other chicks.

he's not that into you


20. He sucks at making eye contact.

He won’t look you directly in the eye during conversation because he’s a slimy, shady mother*cker.

If the guy you’re seeing is any or all of the above, ditch him! He’s not that into you. But, that’s totally fine. Someday, somebody else is going to be. So until that day, cheers to being single!
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