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10 Signs He’s A Fuckboy

Ah, the fuckboy. We all know one (unfortunately) and believe it or not you could be crushing on one right now. Here are ten simple signs he’s a fuckboy, if he seems to be many of these and meet the “fuckboy” classifications….RUUUNNNN! You deserve so much better in your life!

1. He doesn’t believe in labels.

This sign is the most common and I have dealt with this one personally. This is truly just an excuse to keep you in his life…along with the other 15 girls he’s talking to so he doesn’t have to commit but gets the perks of dating..NO LABEL NO deserve better than that and deserve the commitment.

2. He doesn’t want to be seen in public with you.

Yes, maybe you guys hangout and go to each other’s houses, but NEVER does he ask to go out on a formal date, and always has an excuse why he can’t when you ask him. There’s also the he only wants to hangout after 7pm scenario that is in the same boat. You deserve someone that is going to show you off not hide you away.


3. He bashes his exes or calls them “crazy”

Okay, we all have those exes that you look back and question where your brain was while dating them because they put the CRAY in CRAZY, but for him to not have ONE nice thing to say about ONE ex…? Who is the real problem?

4. He always asks for pictures.

And I’m not talking about pictures of that beautiful face of yours..! Not only does he ask for them…he begs for them, and makes it seem like you owe them to him or that he isn’t going to show anyone. DO NOT SEND THEM…no matter how much he begs and pleads. You are worth way more than that.

5. You have NO idea how many other girls are in his life.

He insists the girls that keep Snapchatting him, or the girls that keep blowing up his phone, or the girls that leave comments with flirty emoji’s on his Instagram pictures are “just friends”. Just remember he doesn’t believe in labels…so you are “just a friend” too.

6. All his friends are JUST like him.

Same look, same clothes, same fuckboy haircut, same lingo. WEEEOOOOOWWW WEEOOOWWW FUCKBOY ALERT. Fuckboys are like many other animals, they travel in packs.


7. He actually texts you to “Netflix and Chill?”

Who doesn’t love some actual Netflix and hanging out while eating and just spending time together, that isn’t the “Netflix and chill” I am talking about, just google it, and do not try showing up with your hopes of binge watching “Stranger Things.” or a new movie….

8. He makes rude comments on your appearance.

“What are thooooseee” of “You are wearing a lot of makeup” are the fuckboy lines of the century. Do not let a guy makes you feel any less about yourself or make you wanna change anything you are perfect the way you are and the comments you should be hearing are “Wow, you look beautiful” or “How did I get so lucky?!”

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9. He isn’t interested in pleasing you.

You want a label? You want a real date? You want to watch that new movie? Nah. In his world it is all about him, you are last priority and that isn’t how it should be…GET OUT OF THERE GIRLFRIEND.

10. Your friends and family warn you about him.

Here’s to Justin Bieber because “My momma don’t like you and she likes everyone” is the most relevant lyric to fuckboy relationships as you can get. If you’re being warned about him, let the sirens go off and find a boy worth your time, because a guy like this isn’t!

If your boy meets most of these requirements I am hoping you are out there ending that relationship and on the way to a new one instead of reading this! In all seriousness, you are worth way too much to be treated the way a “fuckboy” would treat you. Take your time on meeting the right guy, don’t rush into anything because all of your friends are in a relationship, or the “cuffing season” blues. You are strong and independent and do not need anyone that isn’t in your life to lift you up instead of dragging you down. FUCKBOYS BACK OFF BECAUSE WE ARE ONTO YOU.


Do you have other classic signs that he’s a fuckboy? Comment below and share the article!
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