20 Signs You Grew Up In Great Neck

From casual trips into the city, to always knowing where to find the good pizza, there are some things you can only understand if you grew up in Great Neck. Read on to find out 20 signs you grew up in Great Neck.

1. You celebrate when Ralph’s opens each season.

2. You make frequent visits to the Gatsby house.

3. You use to hoard bar/bat mitzvah sweatshirts in your closet until you finally realized it was time to donate them.

4. Your Saturdays consist of morning deli runs and late Daruma dinners.

5. Gino’s will always be your favorite pizzeria.

6. You distinctly know the stench on East Shore Road and you’ll never get used to it.

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7. As a high schooler, you looked forward to wearing black on the last day of junior year and white on the first day of senior year.

8. You have a favorite dock to watch the sunset on in the summer.

9. Party got shut down? Seven Seas is definitely the next move.

10. Frequent trips to the city are casual.

11. And if you’re not going to the city, you’re probably heading to the Hamptons.

12. You graduated with the same friends you went to kindergarten with.

13. If you went to North, you felt blessed to have open campus. If you went to South, you were always jealous.

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14. You basically lived at the Great Neck Library in high school.

15. You remember Bruce’s and Postur Line.

16. Going to darty’s will never get old.

17. Your favorite place to shop is Americana.

18. You grew up going to Steppingstone.

19. You remember field trips to the DNA lab and Old Bethpage Restoration.

20. No matter how many times you say complain about it, you’ll always love Great Neck.

What are some other signs you grew up in Great Neck? Let us know in the comments below!
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