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15 Signs You Grew Up In Huntington NY

15 Signs You Grew Up In Huntington NY

Huntington NY probably has special place in your heart. Caesar salad pizza slices and diner goodbyes. Here are 15 signs you're from Huntington NY.

Approximately 30 miles away from New York City, is Huntington NY. A town located on (yes, we Long Islanders say on) the North Shore of Long Island. If you’re from Huntington as well, check out 15 tell all signs you’re from Huntington, NY.

1. At some point in time, you played lacrosse.

A lacrosse stick was shoved in your hand, whether you like it or not. And if you didn’t play lax, are you even from Huntington?


2. You have an undying love for the town hibachi restaurants and their fried rice.

In fact, you’ll order an order of fried rice for take out and its the best $3 you’ve dropped in a while.

3. You wore a bow the size of your head until you were 15.

You know you had every color and print. The sole reason Pink Link has consistent business is because you’ve basically been a customer since the womb; they have photo proof of it as well.


4. You go to Little Vincent’s as soon as you get home from college.

Because what else tastes more like home? Nothing (except maybe the fried rice)!


5. You have some kind of painted pottery from Claytime in storage.

The frog piggy bank you painted when you were 5 years old might not look so hot in your dorm room.

6. You have shorts from Lacrosse Unlimited in your drawers.

We all know you can’t part with the pink patterned lacrosse shorts from 7th grade (even though you didn’t play).


7. You still keep in close touch with your St. Pat’s friends.

Because no one will ever understand the undying bond between St. Pat’s kids. They will always feel like home.


8. If you didn’t wear Lily Pulitzer/Vineyard Vines to your high school graduation, everyone else sure did.

And did some people wear the same outfit… you bet!

9. At least half of your friends live at the Bay Club for the summer.

Get the boat’s tubing time.


10. You most likely went on to Catholic High School.

St. Anthony’s for the most part, sorry St. Dom’s. If you didn’t go to Catholic High School, 80% of your friends did.

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11. You probably cried when you found out the Golden Dolphin Diner got seized.

But what about the free chocolate chip cookies? It’s cruel.


12. The typical shoe for girls in the summer are Jack Rogers.

You’ve probably got every color, don’t you?

13. You cry of happiness when you taste the goodness of the Caesar salad slice from Rosa’s Pizza.

It just gets better every time, how do they do it?


14. You have photos of you and your siblings trick or treating in the village.

So many much candy.


15. You complain about the village traffic.

Because let’s face it, it’s practically unavoidable. Where is everyone going all the time?

Can you think of any other signs you’re from Huntington NY?! Let us know below!
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