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20 Signs You’re From Fishers Indiana

Oh my cod! This cute little city will reel you in ’cause we’re just so off the hook! Honestly, Fishers has nothing to do with fish but we do have great schools. So, let’s continue with 20 signs that someone is from Fishers Indiana. Ya know, just for the halibut.

1. Be prepared for any season, anywhere, anytime.

The seasons change so drastically here. It could be 78 degrees and sunny and you’ll still bring your rain and winter coat just in case the weather decides to act up again. I was once drenched with rain on one side of the city, and went home to a completely dry side. I’ve experienced all four seasons in one day before. Be prepared for everything.

2. An extremely strong opinion about the HSE vs. Fishers feud.

Two schools, same school district, literal neighbors, and arch enemies. The HSE school district is wonderful until you begin comparing which high school is better. Don’t get in the middle of it… it can get scary…

3. Handels.

The first thought that comes to mind for anyone not from Fishers: door handles. Your friendly Fishers person: ICE CREAM. The absolute best ice cream you can find in the area. It’s a super small, low key place, but once you find it, you’ll never want to leave.

4. The dirt pile that was supposed to be a water park.

I watched that pile of dirt day after day on State Road 37 with so much hope and it never magically turned into a water park. We needed it so badly and it just never happened. So instead, we got a Wal-mart.

5. Conner Prairie.

Can you hear Conner Prairie on the 4th of July from your house? I know I can. If you grew up in Central Indiana, you’ve been to Conner Prairie at least once in your lifetime.

6. The amount of churches on Olio Road.

I once heard that because of the amount of churches on Olio Road, people have officially deemed it Holio Road. I approve 110%.

7. Jack’s Donuts.

GUYS. IF YOU ARE IN THE AREA, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF PASTRIES, GO TO JACK’S DONUTS. You will be a changed person and never want any other kind of doughnut ever again. Ask anyone from Fishers, and they’ll more than likely say the same.

8. Klipsch Music Center.

This is the biggest (and best) outdoor music venue in Indiana and it’s right in our backyard. Depending on where you are, you could just walk outside and have your own mini concert in your backyard. Most everyone from here has been to a concert at Klipsch and can vouch for its awesomeness.

9. Uncle Bill’s.

I think I can speak for most of us when I say, the most exciting thing about turning 18 in Fishers is the fact that you don’t need an adult to pet the precious puppies at Uncle Bill’s.

10. The new buildings vs. Fishers Freedom Festival Fireworks.

Okay, the new buildings in Fishers are super great and pretty. I love the feel of the city now. But this also means finding a new place to watch the fireworks at the Freedom Festival and we all know how frustrating it can be to find that perfect spot.

11. An opinion of IKEA and golf.

When you become a city, so you feel the need to be extra and put a Top Golf driving range and an IKEA right next to each other. They are both very visible, very huge and we all have opinions on it. It’s a fun conversation starter.

12. The Hamilton 16 IMAX Theater.

This iconic theater… You know at least 10 people who work or worked there. This is also the go-to first date for teenagers across Fishers. The stories that theater could tell…

13. The Headless Horseman.

This is a Halloween event at Conner Prairie that almost every Fishers native has gone to. If you’re anywhere near Fishers in October, we’ll try to get you to go to the event and you absolutely, 100% should. It would mean the entire world to us.

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14. Ben & Ari’s.

Sort of a sad subject but Ben and Ari’s was a miniature golf and arcade fun zone. They also hosted mini concerts in one of the party rooms (even my first concert performing alone was there). However, if this sounds right up your alley, or you’re a fan of the place, they just recently closed and so did that part of all of our childhoods. #RIPBenAndAris

15. The car place on 146th street.

I have never, in my life, seen anyone come in or out of that house where the cars are on 146th street. They constantly get new cars, limos, and buses, but I guess ghosts are doing the business because I swear nobody lives there. Please comment experiences if you’ve had them because I am beyond curious.

16. Mudsock.

We’re not 100% sure what Mudsock means, but we just know it shows up in high school more than your teachers during the last month of school. Your high school life and experience depends on winning the Mudsock in whatever it is you do.

17. The ice storm of 2011.

That one year we didn’t go to school for like 2 weeks because we were snowed and iced into our houses.

18. The chicken limo.

We all know the chicken limo. And we all want to ride in it once before we die.

19. That one psychic house on 96th street.

There’s a house with a sign that says “PSYCHIC” on 96th Street that I feel like everyone knows about but is too scared to go into. I’ve talked about going with my friend, but I’ve never seen a single soul going in or out so…

20. A Jim White shout out.

Everybody knows Jim White from transportation. For kids, you’re desperately watching the TV to see if you got a 2 hour delay or a snow day. You end up seeing every other school in the state of Indiana except for HSE and FHS. Jim White insists you go to school and so you stalk him on Twitter and tweet complaints about having go to school and beg him to call your house. (Heads up: Jim White is retiring after the Fall Semester. He’s been with the school district for 14 years so shout out to Jim for all his wonderful service and years with us)!

Fishers is absolutely fin-tastic, and so are the people who live there! Comment below some other signs that someone is from Fishers Indiana! And make sure to share this article with all your chums!
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