8 Signs Eeyore Is Your Spirit Animal

The new release of the movie Christopher Robin has been an excellent reminder to us all that, whilst work does matter and money doesn’t grow on trees, it’s so important to do something which makes you happy because none of us will live forever. Finding that inner child within us is often the key to our greatest happiness. Whilst Winnie The Pooh is at the heart of it all, without his friends Eeyore, Piglet, Owl, Kanga, Roo and Tigger, the yin to his yang wouldn’t be quite complete.

Everybody has a One Hundred Acre Wood gang in their life and most of us have a lot in common with this lovable bunch of characters. In other words? They are our spirit animals, echoing our favourite habits and hobbies, often to an uncanny extent.

Much as we would like to believe we are as wide eyed and bushy-tailed as Tigger or as wise as Owl, the reality is that the majority of us can relate most to grumpy old Eeyore. Never quite in the spotlight but ever important to the happiness of one silly old bear, Eeyore is usually wise in surprising ways and secretly just as excitable as the bouncier Tigger.

Here are 8 signs that Eeyore is your spirit animal and that will make you realise, you’re not as gloomy as people first might think.

1. Despite you being wonderful, sometimes it takes being noticed by others for you to appreciate this yourself.

2. Morning person isn’t a description coined to describe you.

But no matter what, you still wake up to face the day and make the most of even the worst Tuesday.

3. When life gets you down, you have a habit of finding a spot to be gloomy in so that you can power through it alone.

Usually, this consists of a lot of chocolate, plenty of Netflix and the company of your favourite Disney movies.

4. You have a lot to say but aren’t always quite sure how to put it.

When it comes down to what matters, people usually turn to you for advice when things are going wrong because your original thoughts always ends up saving the day.

5. It’s the little moments that make your week because knowing someone cares enough to pause and tell you that, it’s a pretty special thing for a person (or donkey) to share.

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6. Often you end up somehow on the strangest adventures with your best friend.

Where they are bouncy and bubbly, you are pensive and unsure. But that’s ok because you end up having fun either way!

7. Self deprecating humour is your forte.

When you’re starting to feel down this tends to kick in and, whilst people don’t always understand it, venting like this is always helpful in the end.

8. Most importantly of all, you have a big heart and love your friends and family more than anything.

When you’re with them, you’re at your happiest and feel the most complete. Plus, you like knowing that if things get blue or it starts to rain, you can be the one to remind them it will stop… Eventually!

So there you are, 8 signs that Eeyore is in fact your spirit animal! As you can see, it’s actually pretty great to be like him because it means that you are the perfect blend of sad and realistically happy. Because you feel both so well, you get to appreciate life most and you always have something new to bring to the table. Though you have your down days and you might not always be the most enthusiastic, it wouldn’t be a party without you around.

Is Eeyore your spirit animal? Tell us in the comments!
Featured Image Source: http://disney.wikia.com/wiki/Eeyore
Charlotte Stevenson

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