10 Signs You’re Dating A Fuckboy

Stop saying they lurk in the shadows and that they blend in with society – they flat out do not. That’s right, your average fuckboy. They’re easy to spot because they walk in loud groups “with the boys” and are becoming an increasingly pervasive breed. If you can’t already spot them out, you’re about to get a Fuckboy 101 lesson. If the guy you’re “dating,” executes any of these toolish behaviors, chances are he’s a fuckboy and you need to say “mmbye.” (You’re most likely still “dating” because he said he doesn’t do labels). Here are 10 signs of spotting a fuckboy.

1. He texts usually past 9 P.M. with “you up?”

If you dare respond, chances are he’ll ask you to come over.

2. His idea of a “date” is Netflix and Chill

Or tries to wine and dine you if you insist on meeting somewhere.

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3. He comments on your Instagram with rocket, fire, 100 and tongue emojis

4. He slips into your Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook DMs

Since he “lost your number” or got a new phone.

5. He says “all my exes are crazy”

If that’s the case, he’s the guaranteed reason why.

6. He asks for pics

And spends a great deal of time trying to convince you why you should – you can trust him right?

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7. He’s “for the boys” especially on Saturdays

Send it. Saturdays are for the boys.

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8. He probably plays hockey or lacrosse and has taken a shirtless mirror gym selfie

Do you even lift bro?

9. He most likely wears Vineyard Vines, boat shoes, Ralph Lauren and snap-backs but claims he’s different when he pulls out his Patagonia hat

10. He insists he’s not a player and gets incredibly moody if you say he is

Can you think of any other fuckboy behaviors?! Comment below!
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