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20 Signs Your College Roommate Is Your Best Friend

There have always been horror stories floating around about terrible college roommates and the terrible experiences students have had. However, sometimes students get lucky and actually get a great college roommate that they love to no end. Here are a few signs that your college roommate is your best friend.

1. You do everything together

Whether it is a party or a guest lecture, you and your college roommate are always seen together. If people see you separate, they wonder where the other person is. You love spending time together, no matter how boring the event or task may seem.

2. You can tell each other everything

You have an unbreakable trust between the two of you. There is absolutely nothing that is off limits and you are free to be open and honest with each other. You know each other’s deepest darkest secrets and you love each other anyway.


3. You can tell if the other is having a bad day without saying anything

You can just sense that the other is having a bad day. On multiple occasions, you have texted each other to check in and knew that the other one was stressed out just by the response, even if nothing was said out front.

4. You like and dislike the same people

Whether it is a classmate or a professor, you like and dislike the same people on campus, whether you both know the person or not. The stories you tell each other about people make you either like or dislike them.  You have similar personalities, so you have similar tastes in people.


5. You can tell what the other person is thinking, just by looking at her

When you look at each other, you can tell how the other is feeling or what the other is thinking. In times where someone is doing dumb things, it is all you two can keep a straight face when you look at each other.

6. You hate breaks because you miss each other

Breaks between the semesters are the worst because you miss each other too much. This is especially true if you live so far away that you cannot easily visit each other on a regular basis. You constantly text and FaceTime each other, but it is not the same.

7. If you live in different states, you make it a point to visit on breaks

If you live in different states, you make it a point to visit each other. At the very least, you try to meet halfway at a destination you have always wanted to visit together. You simply cannot spend months apart from each other.


8. You take certain classes to make time to see each other

You always create your schedules so you have at least some time to see each other. Even if you have different majors, you take GenEd classes together if possible. Being apart for hours is almost as unbearable as semester breaks.

9. You have so many inside jokes

You are constantly laughing around each other and have more inside jokes that no one else understands. If someone says something that reminds you of an inside joke, you just have to look at each other and you crack up hysterically.

10. 90% of your Instagram photos are of you and your roommate

You are constantly taking selfies together. You have so many photos of the two of you, your other friends and family members know your roomie when they see her. People are convinced that you are actually siblings.


11. Your family and other friends pretty much know your roommate from all of the stories

You tell your friends and families so many stories about each other that they basically know the other person. When they meet her, they already know her personality so they know what to expect and they are able to connect with her instantly.

12. You can totally be yourself around each other

You and your college roommate can be totally goofy with each other and know that the other will never judge. If anything, you will both be doing it. Likewise, if you need to have a meltdown, you feel comfortable doing so around her, even if it is over something silly.

13. You love the same music

You both love the same kind of music and will constantly crank it up to full volume. You have been known to have spontaneous dance parties in the most random places on campus and you do not even care who sees.

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14. You constantly run *important* texts by each other

If you are sending a text to a significant other or someone who you both do not like, you work on the text as a collaborative effort. Your roommate is your go-to person for making sure everything is worded at its very best.

15. You are each other’s nurses when one of you is sick

When one roommate is sick, the other is dedicated to nursing her back to full health. That means endless pharmacy runs and treks across campus for the best food and snacks ever. She does it for you, so it is worth it.

16. You will stalk people on social media for each other

If there is someone your college roommate is crushing on, it is your duty to stalk him or her on social media to make sure the person is a good match, though no one will ever be good enough. If either of you does not like someone, the other will stalk the person on social media to see what they are up to. 


17. Important decisions need to be approved by the other person

Whether it is a job/internship or a first date outfit, everything needs to be run by the other person. You trust each other’s opinions since you are so much alike and you only want what is best for the other person.

18. You help each other cram for exams

When one of you is stressed about an exam, the other will drop everything to help cram. They will pull out every tool they own and will go above and beyond to help. They know you would do the same for them in the situation.


19. You binge watch shows together

You two have so much in common that you even have shows that you have to watch together. If one of you has to miss it for whatever reason, you catch up on it together. Even when you are apart, you are texting each other throughout the show as you are. This is one of the biggest signs your college roommate is your best friend!

20. You go all out for each other’s birthday

You make a big deal out of each other’s birthday. You will post multiple messages on every single social media platform and make sure the entire campus knows it is the other person’s birthday. Your roommate does the same for you.


What do you think of these signs that your college roommate is your BFF? Let us know in the comment section below!

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