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20 Signs That You Have Definitely Changed Since High School

20 Signs That You Have Definitely Changed Since High School

No you don't need permission to use the bathroom and you actually like your parents. Here are 20 other signs you have definitely changed since high school.

No you don’t need permission to use the bathroom and you actually like your parents now. Here are 20 other signs you have definitely changed since high school.

1.  You Don’t Ask to Use the Bathroom:

You no longer feel the need to raise your hand and ask to use the bathroom. In fact, you find it ridiculous that you ever did.

2. You Actually Listen to Your Professor’s Advice:

You have learned to set aside time for your assignments because, when your professor says, “you cannot finish this in one night,” they mean it.


3. You Become Accustomed to Ever-Changing Friend Groups:

While you face broken heartedness time after time at the hands of those you thought were your friends, you are now able to make connections with people who are genuinely similar to yourself. (Note: these friends are truly forever.)

4. You Take the High Road:

The days of petty “sub-tweets” are behind you; you handle daily trials and tribulations in aforementioned friendship fallouts without posting your angst on social media. And, let’s face it, those “not directly about you” posts are so obviously “about you”.

5. Your Sleep Schedule is a Mess:

You once thought staying up until 10 o’clock to finish an assignment in high school was the equivalent of running through an inferno. Now, you’re lucky if you get an hour of sleep before your 8 a.m. lecture, while you still have work to complete.


6. You Feel Like a Night Owl:

Moving back with you family who falls asleep at 9 p.m. on a Saturday night makes you feel as though you are an insomniac. Before, your nights BEGAN at 9, and now you find yourself watching the nightly news on the couch and yawning by 8:45.

7. You Eat ANYTHING:

Your days of picking eating are no where to be found. You eat half cooked TDR french fries and soggy sandwiches from Subway at 2 a.m.

8. You Feel Odd Sleeping Alone:

After sharing a dorm with someone else for nine months, the silence of your own room is eery. You wouldn’t trade it for the world.


9. You Feel Comfortable Walking Out of the Shower in a Towel:

The trek from communal bathroom on your floor from your dorm once held fears of being seen. Now, you strut to the bathroom with ease, whether at home or at school.

10. You Realize How Expensive Food Is:

Back home, you always had a fridge full of food without having to take a shuttle or the metro to the local Giant or Whole Foods; your parents always kept is stocked. After running out of meal swipes during the first month of the first semester, you learned JUST how expensive food is.

11. Actually- You Realize How Expensive EVERYTHING Is:

Late night Ubers back from that party. Eating out at the cool restaurant your roomie suggested. You soon realize how expensive it is to be socially active, and thus begin looking for work.


12: You Look Forward to More Hours at Work:

In high school, summer jobs were the “worst” thing that could happen to you; your friends laughed while they hung out without you. Now, you take on extras hours or a second job with feverish determination so that you can afford daily necessities.

13. You No Longer “Hate” Your Parents:

You slammed their doors, talked back, and swore to your high school clique that your parents were the worst. Now, you cannot imagine being where you are today without their unconditional support.

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14. You Find Yourself Drinking Too Much Caffeine:

Sure, you used to hit up the Starbucks kiosk in the local mall during high school, buying frappuccinos, but this is something different entirely. Before you even brush your teeth, you wake up each morning reaching for a coffee pod to slap into your Keurig.

15. Speaking of Coffee- You Realize That No, Frappuccinos Do Not Count:

You climb out of bed and trek to the Starbucks on campus on the days when making your own coffee seems impossible. While you once indulged in the sugary treat, you now stare at those who order frappuccinos with serious intentions.

16. You Can Travel By Yourself Without Fear:

Sure, your first solo metro trip sent fear to your core, but after months of switching lines and growing familiar,  you can do it with ease. You look forward to the hour transit trip by yourself so you can relax with your headphones in and music turned loud.


17. In Fact- You Don’t Fear Being Alone Anymore:

Whether it was time spent with parents, your childhood best friend, or high school sweetheart, you never had to worry about down time to yourself. Left to your own path in college, you faced the truth: you spend a lot of time by yourself. The old you hated times like these, but now, you thrive in the moments where you can just exist.

18. You Realize That You Don’t Know as Much as You Thought You Did:

Meeting hundreds of people in the sparse of a few months, you witness a kaleidoscope of cultures, backgrounds, histories, and stories. What you once thought was true of the world is altered with the new presence of others.

19. You Actually Care About Politics:

Not only is it a social topic, but a core facet of being a contributing young adult. Whether it be local, on a state level, or in terms of the entire nation, you actually pay attention to at least half of what is going on.


20. And Finally- You Learn How Awesome You Really Are:

You trip and stumble over courses and the struggles of being on your own for the first time in your life, but in doing so, you become unstoppable. You no longer look down upon yourself, but instead, praise your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual entity. You know just how great you are, and wish high school you knew it, too.

What other signs show you have changed since high school? Let us know down below!
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