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Side Hustles That Do Not Demand Much Time

Side Hustles That Do Not Demand Much Time

Side Hustles That Do Not Demand Much Time

College life can be hectic, and side hustles may be all you can manage while persevering through your education. We all like to have a little extra money, and being able to set your own schedule to make money when you can or want is perfect for anyone. Here are some side hustles that you can pick up to add some extra dough to your bank account without having to dedicate much of yourself to it.

Sell Stuff Online

You know that old gaming system that you haven’t touched in years? I know it has sentimental value, but if you have had nothing to do with it for so long, you probably will continue to let it collect dust. So, why not sell it? Online markets are very popular; people turn to them for all sorts of things. List your unused items for sale and make some money. After listing the items, you just have to ship them when they sell. That takes so little time out of your day!

Some people also check resale shops for low priced items that are actually worth something, then sell them for a higher value online. You can do this, but make sure you know what you are buying before you go all willy nilly with it. Just because something looks expensive does not mean it is. Conversely, something that looks like junk could be worth a fortune. Research items on your phone before buying to resell, if this is your goal.

Side Hustles That Do Not Demand Much Time

Drive People Places

There are several taxi services available now that people can sign up to do whenever they want. If someone needs a ride, they just get on their phones and request it. Then, you get a notification that this person needs taken to this place. If you are free, you can drive them to their destination and get paid for it. And if you are not free, just do not volunteer.

With this, you do have to think about the fact that you are using your own vehicle and will likely be picking up a stranger. So choose wisely, and be smart. Keep bags in your car in case the vomit monster strikes, and store some sort of protection in your door pocket or under your seat. 

Side Hustles That Do Not Demand Much Time

Pet Sit

Increasingly, people are seeking pet sitters. Sometimes, people will want you to stay at their house for a few days while they are gone so their pets are taken care of. Other times, people just want someone to feed or care for their pets once or twice a day. Whichever situation, you do not have to do much, and you get paid pretty well

There are websites where people can request such services, so set up and account and scope out opportunities that work for you. You can also check community boards at places like the post office, the newspaper, or online on local webpages. 

Side Hustles That Do Not Demand Much Time

Clean Stuff

Whether you want to only clean certain things like shoes or cars or offer to clean houses, you can make pretty good money doing this. You charge by the job or by the hour. After all, cleaning is something everybody has to do, but not everyone wants to do. 

There are websites you can sign up for to search through cleaning jobs, or you can go rogue and sell your services on your terms. Even if you only want to spend one hour per job, you can tell whoever you are cleaning for and they will assign you tasks accordingly. This is a great side hustle to get you active and make you some cash. Plus, you can easily accrue a customer list of people who want you to come back to clean again, so you do not need to continuously advertise, saving you extra time. You also get to know who you are cleaning for and what they expect, making it that much easier.

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Side Hustles That Do Not Demand Much Time

Do Yard Work

Some people love doing yard work, while other people just like pretty yards. Though when thinking of yard work you probably think of mowing lawns and raking leaves, you really can do yard work at any time of year. This is another side hustle that you can choose when you do it, what you do, your rates, and how long you do a job. 

Advertise your services online and in local public areas, or put fliers in people’s mailboxes. Whether you decide only to offer gardening services like planting and pruning of if you welcome all sorts of yardwork, you can do this as your schedule or feelings dictate. Broaden your scope to shoveling snow in the winter, which could be a way to make some money when classes are canceled. You could even offer to clean off people’s cars when it snows for five bucks a pop to make some money. You may be surprised by how fast your pockets fill up.

Side Hustles That Do Not Demand Much Time

Rent Out Stuff

This one requires some trust, so you may want to draft up some documents and require safety deposits. You can rent out textbooks, accessories, gaming systems, or something you specifically invested in for the purpose of renting it out, like a movie projector. People want things, but they cannot always afford them or do not want to fully invest in them or need them in a pinch. That is when you come in.

If you do decide to invest in something specifically to rent it out, make sure you can easily make your money back and make a good profit. If you rent out your own things, make sure you are not very attached to them. Try to think of what a lot of people would want to rent and consider asking around for ideas. If you bought a projector and rented it out, for example, clubs could be interested in renting it for events, and students could want to rent it for parties or movie nights. 

Which side hustles do you plan to include in your life? Do you have any easy side hustles that were not on the list? Let me know in the comments below!

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